Shalom Group Tours- aka- Guaranteed Departures

October 11th 2010

We’re working on several different types of tour packages here at Shalom Israel Tours, with lots of different options for you to choose from. Here’s a tour style we’re planning on introducing in 2011: Shalom Israel Group Tours- aka- Guaranteed Departures.

This basically means that we’re going to arrange a tour in advance, book everything, hire the guide, order to food- before we even have anybody who’s interested! We design incredible tours – these are basically the trips that we’d like to go on ourselves. We’ll publish an itinerary for each month of 2011, and wait for you to sign up. Ok, so we don’t “wait,” we’ll call and email and push and pry until you sign up. All tours include all travel, guides, accommodations, most meals, and a great Israel experience.

The groups are open to anyone who wants to come and are help to the highest standard. The advantages here are that first of all, the prices are much lower than a traditional tour would be; strength in numbers as they say. You also get to meet people who you might not have otherwise met, families and travelers with common interests (at least as far as it comes to visiting the holy land!).

Travel as an individual yet tour as a group, it’s a wonderful dynamic.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we’ll stop offering our Private Custom Tours. With a private custom tour, you have total control of your itinerary, pace of the touring, every aspect of your tour. The start and end dates of the tour are, of course, yours to control – as always, this is the perfect option for a family or community focused tour. As a group or as individuals, we have Israel touring options that are perfect for you!