The Best Places to Buy Your Lulav and Etrog in Jerusalem

September 18th 2010

Shavua tov – we hope you had a good Yom Kippur fast and that your new year is off to a splendid start!

Sukkot is right around the corner, which means you better act quick if you want to score the nicest lulav and etrog on the block! There are a number of places to buy your lulav and etrog in Jerusalem, each one offering a unique buying experience. When and where you buy your arbah minim dramatically impact the shopping experience.

1. Meah She’arim – Here’s your ultimate Jerusalem shopping craze. Between now and Sukkot, the streets will be filled with tables displaying “the goods.” As you approach the chag, the tables will get more and more crowded with people, pushing their way through to get the choicest of species. (Most of the action is on Rechov Strauss.)  This is our personal favorite for a true “yeushalmi” experience.

2. The Israel Center – From Sunday September 19th to Wednesday the 22nd, 10am to 10pm, you can choose from a wide selection of etrogim, el arish lulavim, and sets of mehudar hadasim. The annual sale at the Israel Center is perfect for those who prefer an English-language shopping experience. Expect to see friends doing their arbah minim shopping as well.

3. Your local synagogue or yeshiva – While some shuls/yeshivot require you to order your lulav and etrog in advance, others welcome walk-ins. See someone walking down the street boasting a high quality set? Just ask where he got them, and then go see if there are more! (If you’re in Katamon, you’ll want to head to the Shteiblach, a shul on the corner of Hamatzor and Hachish.)

4. Outside grocery stores, street corners, the shuk, or other busy, crowded placed – Here’s a rule of thumb: Where there are throngs of shoppers – locals and tourists alike – there are people selling lulavim and etrogim.

Happy [lulav] hunting!