Surf’s Up in Israel!

October 18th 2010

Surf’s Up! Top 10 Places to Go Surfing in Israel

Since summer just doesn’t want to seem to end this year, I suppose it’s not too late to post summer-themed info. After all, with weather still reaching high into the 90s, why not pick up that surfboard and head to the beach?

Israel’s beaches are some of the best in the region for surfing, mainly because of the seaweed- and shark-free, clear waters, the warm weather, and mid-sized waves. Pro surfers may complain that the surf’s not high enough, but for beginners and laid-back surfers, Israel’s beaches are supreme.

And best of all, as you can see by looking outside today, Israeli surfing can be done virtually year-round!

The water temperature in the summer can reach as high as 84 degrees Fahrenheit, with low swells at one and a half to three feet. In the winter, while the water does get considerably cooler (about 57 degrees), you’ll likely see more of the experienced surfers out on the waves, which can reach up to ten feet high in the cooler weather.

Below are Israel’s top 10 surfing beaches according to

  1. Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv
  2. Maravi Beach, Tel Aviv
  3. Dolphinarium Beach, Tel Aviv
  4. Zvulun Beach and Dabush Beach, Herzliya
  5. Kontiki Beach and Sironit Beach, Netanya
  6. Beit Yannai Beach, Netanya
  7. Shonit, Sdot Yam beaches, Caesaria
  8. Arubot Beach, Caesaria
  9. Bat Galim Beach, Haifa
  10. Goote, Delilah beaches, Ashkelon

So now you know where to go – now get out there and start taking advantage of this never-ending summer!