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Beit She’an & Masada Night Light Shows – Awesome!

February 24th 2011

History is coming alive with bright lights and fantastic special effects.  With the advance of technology, be prepared to be dazzled (and educated) with the various night- time light shows being displayed across Israel. Starting with the Beit She ‘an National Park Light Show. The story of Beit She’an- Strategically located between the Jordan and Jezreel […]

Being A Free Spirit in Tel Aviv

February 23rd 2011

Tel Aviv. Where to go? What to do? If you’re looking for a place with a phone in the shower ( great acoustics!), you certainly have to check into The Melody Hotel in Tel Aviv. “If you want creative people, give them enough time to play” is there motto/ Melody is serious about creating an atmosphere […]

Tel Aviv- “The City that Never Sleeps”

February 20th 2011

White Night Festival German Jews had style. You can’t deny it.  In the 1930s, German Jews trained in the style of Bauhaus from Europe’s top architectural schools, immigrated to what was then Palestine.  They were escaping the Nazis, but bringing the best of European art and culture with them.  On June 30th, in Tel Aviv, join in the […]

Hot Air Balloon Tour of Israel!

February 17th 2011

You’ve come to this distant land to tour Israel, observe Israeli culture and scenery, and gain inspiration and a new perspective on the world.   What better way to look at Israel than through a literally different perspective, 500 meters up in the air? “Rize”, in the North of Israel, is ready to take you on the hot […]

Rags to Riches – Israel Hotels

February 16th 2011

Not exactly a rags to riches story, but an amazing saga all the same- the rise ( and continual rise, no falling here) of the Israeli Fattal Hotel Chains: How Mr. David Fattal went from one awesome hotel to 29 spectacular hotels in 12 years.  All in one tiny country, smaller than the state of New […]

Kibbutz Experience

February 13th 2011

It is always inspiring to hear stories of the courageous pioneers of Israeli history, who withstood devastating difficult seasons and intense hard labor, to build up the State of Israel to where it is today. Hearing the stories is one thing, meeting the kibbutzniks themselves while touring in Israel, in the flesh, is a whole […]

David Citadel Hotel Spa

February 10th 2011

What else does The David Citadel Hotel have to offer, besides bragging rights that you stayed at a gorgeous five star hotel overlooking the walls of the Old City? The David Citadel, among other things, has an unbelievable spa that was carefully designed according to “Feng Shui”.  No, Feng Shui is not some hot-off-the-press famous […]

Flying High in Tsfat, a Bar Mitzvah in style

February 8th 2011

Having your son’s bar mitzvah at the Western Wall is no doubt an unbelievable opportunity. But say you to wanted to be different, do something more out of the Israel ordinary… where would you go? What would you do? Otzar HaStam of Tsfat has already got an answer for you, with a complete Bar Mitzvah […]

Aliens in Israel

February 6th 2011

So, apparently there’s a new way to go visit the Temple Mount- not by foot, not by helicopter….The first official UFO Temple Mount visit seems to have been conducted, without a formal invitation (hopefully BB’s doesn’t feel too slighted) , this past Friday, January 28, 2011. At 1 Am on Friday, three separate videocameras  were casually […]

Inbal Hotel – Holy Twitter!

January 31st 2011

The Great Tweet Up The Inbal hotel in Jerusalem is more than technologically savvy. It’s determined to use technology to make things happen . So synchronize your phones to the information coming out of this blog, and get ready to tweet. On Sept 2, 2010, something happened at the Inbal Hotel that has never happened […]

IDF Wine Event with Daniel Rogov

January 31st 2011

On this past Thursday evening, attendees shuffled into The Great Synagogue, one of central Jerusalem’s largest synagogues. This building, modeled after the 1st and 2nd Temple’s, seats over 1,000 people, and was surely grand enough to host the evening’s noteworthy event. This elegant fundraiser was held in honor of one extraordinary group of members in […]

Jerusalem Light Rail

January 30th 2011

a teaser pic…the rail isn’t functional yet, but they are in testing and trains can be seen infrequently running around town… Fill out form.

Tel Aviv Jazz Festival

January 30th 2011

The Tel Aviv Jazz Festival approacheth! Four days of exquisite, eclectic, and distinguished jazz in Tel Aviv.  February 15-18. For such a young country as Israel, the jazz festival is an established tradition- this is it’s 22nd year in the making. It’s got top of the line musicians from around the world performing in it, alongside […]

Jerusalem Go Karting!

January 25th 2011

Are you hands itching to get behind the wheel, racing around the Jerusalem hills with wind blowing through your hair? Are you hesitating because you’ve watched how Israelis drive? There’s a way to satisfy that need for speed without sacrificing your wellbeing or scaring the living day lights out of you- Go Kart Racing! Yes, […]

AIDA on Masada

January 20th 2011

Because flying across the world to where it all began isn’t dramatic enough, the Israeli Opera brings you their awe-inspiring art form in two of the country’s most awe-inspiring places : in the Sultan’s Pool overlooking the Old City walls, and at the foot of the majestic and famous mountaintop of Masada. It’s all happening; […]

A girls night out in Israel…

January 18th 2011

A Girl’s night out in Israel the way it should be. A whole new window into the world of Jewish women.  Warning: Restricted access only. By women, for women. In an outrageously clever musical with original script and choreography, emerges JUDGE! Song of Devorah. Brought to you by the hearty women and girls of Gush Ezion, […]

Jerusalem Dinner Theatre

January 16th 2011

Simcha Koltzman has got a lot to say, and he wants to share it with you over dinner after a long day touring in Israel, at Israel’s unique and only dinner theater, “Dinner with Simcha”. Dress up in your finest getup (cowboy hats allowed) and sit down to a collective dinner party, touring Simcha’s life […]

Jet Israel

January 16th 2011

What says fun in the sun more than cheap airfare? Flying to Israel is quickly accelerating down the runway towards reaching a whole new level of fun. Jet Israel, a new airline, is committing itself to providing low-cost airfare to and from Israel. Who do we have to thank for this miraculous news? The man […]

Luxury in Israel

January 11th 2011

Israel just got more luxurious. The renowned Waldorf Astoria hotel chain is announcing plans to break ground on its second hotel on Israeli soil, this time in Tel Aviv on the beautiful shoreline. Wow wow wow.  But wait- what is a Waldorf Astoria hotel and why are we wowing over it? The Waldorf Astoria hotel […]

New Orleans & Gush Katif

January 5th 2011

An old Blog worth revisiting…New Orleans & Gush Katif By Ahinoam Pollack Aug 7, 2007 Victims of Hurricane Katrina met with Gaza Strip evacuees this week to discuss their shared experiences in having their lives uprooted by forces beyond their control. On August 29, 2005 – just days after the Israeli government forcibly removed Jewish […]

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