Running the streets of Jerusalem…

December 29th 2010

In my childhood home was an iconic picture of my father crossing the finish line at the New York City Marathon. New York has it, Spain’s got it, and Jerusalem’s now on the map. Israel is about to join the ranks of major cities around the world in hosting their first international full length marathon, recruiting top runners to join the competition on March 25, 2011- a nice calm time between Purim and Passover in Israel.

Watch the world’s most renowned distance athletes racing neck to neck for 42 K around the Old City and all of Jerusalem’s most famous sites. If you’ve never been privileged to watch a marathon unfold, make sure to schedule this jaw dropping event on your itinerary.

The race course can be viewed at Jerusalem traffic is going to be crazier than usual, Israel hotels fuller than usual (is it possible?), and post-race bars filled to capacity (hooray!). Seriously though, there is nothing better for runner morale than crowd encouragement, so saddle up alongside the course and be a part of the rambunctious cheering squads (we at Shalom Israel Tours encourage everyone to bring their air-horns and cow bells, why not?). The finish line will be at Gan Sacher, with wild celebrations, a festive atmosphere, and the much anticipated award ceremony.

Better yet- tie up your laces and join the race! All ages and skill levels welcome. Be one of the 20,000 expected brave participants, sign up for the 42 K marathon, a 21 K half marathon, or a 10 k race- after all our sages teach that just walking 4 feet in Israel is a mitzvah, imagine how holy you’ll feel after running 42 K!