Jet Israel

January 16th 2011

What says fun in the sun more than cheap airfare?

Flying to Israel is quickly accelerating down the runway towards reaching a whole new level of fun.

Jet Israel, a new airline, is committing itself to providing low-cost airfare to and from Israel.

Who do we have to thank for this miraculous news?

The man behind the sales is Edward Winter, a seasoned pilot who had previously been the former chief operating officer of British Airways.

Does this promise of “low cost airfare” sound too good to be true? If the name EasyJet rings a bell, it may be easy to remain skeptical. EasyJet, tagged as Europe’s largest low-cost airline, is already operating in travels to Israel from London, Geneva, and Basel. However, EasyJet’s promise of “low cost airfare” has not yet materialized.

Stas Misezhnikov, Israel’s Tourism Minister, was not shy (a shy Israeli? Do they exist?) in dismissing EasyJet’s not-so-cheap offers. “EasyJet,” Misezhnikov stated simply, “Is not a low-cost company..We need a real low cost company with truly cheap prices.” Misezhnikov, telling it like it is.

True, Edward Winter is EasyJet’s former chief operating officer. But this time, he vows, he is determined it will be different.

Winter insists he can spark an “aviation revolution”.  What’s he asking from Israel in return? He needs a safety net. If JetIsrael is able to fill its plane with between 70 and 90% occupancy, Winter will receive financial compensation. The safety net is set right now at around 28 milllion. Dollars.

Here’s hoping! Vive JetIsrael!