AIDA on Masada

January 20th 2011

Because flying across the world to where it all began isn’t dramatic enough, the Israeli Opera brings you their awe-inspiring art form in two of the country’s most awe-inspiring places : in the Sultan’s Pool overlooking the Old City walls, and at the foot of the majestic and famous mountaintop of Masada.

It’s all happening; The Israeli International Outdoor Opera Festival- June 2 to 11, 2011.

The Aida Opera has the whole operatic package- scandalous confusion, dramatic fight scenes,  and back and forth battles between the characters’ minds and hearts. If you want to get sucked into the drama world and yet feel super classy and sophisticated at the same time ( Reality TV has not yet mastered this delicate dance), this is your venue.

A taste of the storyline –

1.       The High Priest in Egypt during the reign of the Pharoahs foresees an inevitable war between Egypt and Ethiopia.

2.       He gives the news to Radames, a young general of the army. Good news for Radames, who fantasizes about becoming commander-in-chief of the army.

3.       Complication- Radames also happens to be secretly in love with Aida, the Ethiopian slave (and for whom the opera is named after).

4.       Further complication- Amneris, the King’s daughter, is in love with Radames, but has an inkling there is another woman in his life. And she isn’t happy about that. Not happy at all.

And that’s just the very beginning…..

The Israeli Opera is a newer innovation in the Holy Land art scene, and is furiously making symphonic waves, gaining recognition for this oft overlooked art form. One of their goals is bringing opera into creative arenas, to the vast public who would never even think of stepping foot into an Opera House.  As the Israeli Opera states, they want the public to know that opera is the “most exciting art form on planet earth.” Well put!

Hey, get further pampered while you’re at it! If you want a packaged deal, you have several options- Do a 1,2, or 3 night stay at the Dead Sea and Hotel Spa, then take a round-trip shuttle to Aida on Masada.

For anyone who loves to see behind the scenes  action, watch this Youtube clip to witness what intense work is involved into getting this opera in motion. Notice sweat on conductor’s face,  gym shoes  below costumes.

As a rule, opera is a passionate ride. So bring your tissues and an emotional seatbelt. Twists and turns are all part of the Israeli Opera’s magical pizzaz.