Jerusalem Go Karting!

January 25th 2011

Are you hands itching to get behind the wheel, racing around the Jerusalem hills with wind blowing through your hair?
Are you hesitating because you’ve watched how Israelis drive?

There’s a way to satisfy that need for speed without sacrificing your wellbeing or scaring the living day lights out of you- Go Kart Racing!
Yes, it’s true, Jerusalem has its very own indoor karting track, and it’s brand new.
Schedule your birthday party, your bat mitzvah or Israel tour group, or bring your officemates down for some old-fashioned competition to get out any computer slow speed internet aggression.
Only the finest go karts can be found here : Presenting the plush, Sodi Kart RX7.
If you’re from America and feeling nostalgic, , you should know that Go Karting is originally an American delicacy. They don’t call America the land of the free for nothing- it was there that Go Karting began. It is believed that deep in the southern rolling valleys of sunny California, Art Ingles actualized his vision of the world’s first Go Kart in 1956. It quickly became The Thing To Do, spreading quickly across America.
Go Karting is not just child’s play. Oh, no. According to Wikipedia, “Karting is commonly perceived as the stepping stone to the higher and more expensive ranks of motorsports.” Your trip to Israeli’s indoor GoKarting facility could be the beginning of an auto racing career.  Or just a really good time.

Check them out at
They are located at Haoman St 17, in Keyon Lev in Talpiyot, just go on down to the fourth parking level and let it rip!