Israel Tidbits

October 26th 2010

A Round Up of Recent Tourism News

Renting a car during your next visit to Israel? Yisrael Katz, Israel’s Transportation Minister, agreed earlier this month to raise the speed limit on several major Israeli highways. On Highway 1 between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, on Highway 4 between Rishon L’Tzion and Ashdod, and on Highway 431 between Rishon L’Tzion and Modiin, the speed limit will increase 10 kilometers per hour from 100 kilometers per hour (62 miles per hour) to 110 kph (68 mph). On Highways 2, 5, 20, and 40, the speed limit will increase from 90 kph (55 mph) to 100 kph (62 mph). Pay attention to signs – not everything is speeding up – many major local roads will be lowering their speed limits. Also, don’t forget that Shalom Israel Tours has awesome pricing on car rentals in Israel.

One of Israel’s major supermarket chains, Super-Sol (or Shufersal), just launched a new natural foods line called Super-Sol Green. So far, there is only one Super-Sol Green “store,” located within the larger Super-Sol Deal in Raanana, but by the end of the year three more locations plan on opening at other Super-Sol Deal and Super-Sol Big branches. Super-Sol Green, a store within a store, will be competing with Eden Teva Market, Mega’s natural food store within a store offering. More great grocery options for vacation renters!

According to a recent Janglo news story, Israel’s southernmost city, Eilat, is embracing a more traditional, religious atmosphere. This is evidenced by the increase of synagogues, kosher restaurants and hotels, religious councilmen, and mikvahs in the city. Eilat has always trended towards a purely secular reputation, but it is now suggested that 20% of the city’s residents are religious, making it a great tourism option for even the most religious families.

Think Israel’s claim to fame is all historic and religious? Think again – Israel’s recent appearance at the Global Food Marketplace convention in Paris put Israel on the map for its exceptional food! But, then again, if you’ve visited Israel before, then this is old news for you.

Great stuff, we love Israel!