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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a KITE!

May 30th 2011

Israelis are a grounded folk, not often caught with their heads in the clouds, but come August 23,  you better believe that they are going to be looking heavenward and trying to figure out how to utilize wind velocity to carry their precious kite cargo to the greatest heights possible. Introducing Israel’s Annual Kite Flying Festival […]

International Klezmer Festival

May 25th 2011

Klezmer Music, ahhh…… breathe it in. In Tsfat, at the International Klezmer Festival, August 15-17. Three full days of Klezmeritis. Klezmer is the Jewish music that take us back to those past shtetl days, when vacationing in Israel was just a fantasy nestled in the minds and hearts of European Jewry. What happened to the […]

Machne Yehuda Market – aka “The Shuk”

May 24th 2011

The shuk. If you’re traveling in Israel on a private Israel group tour of the hottest spots in Israel, there is no way you are not going to pass through this intense, bustling marketplace in the heart of the heart of Jerusalem, between Agripas and Yafo street. So to be a truly informed Israeli tourist, […]

Israel Wine Festival

May 23rd 2011

Presenting… The Annual Israel Wine Festival in Jerusalem There’s nothing that says a good Jewish time like some a satisfying gulp (or sophisticated swirly) of wine. Gone are the days when Manishevitz was our signature drink. Israel has boosted its wine production to a superior degree, offering its residents and the world, wine that is […]

Glenn Beck Israel Rally

May 18th 2011

If you are traveling in Israel this August and want to be a part of the action, be sure to find yourself near the Temple Mount and the Western Wall if you want to witness an unusual gigantic rally being hosted from a member of a prime time US talk show. Glenn Beck, talk show […]

Ayalon Institute – Awesome!

May 17th 2011

Stories of the kibbutzniks that came up with ingenious ideas for how to fortify their homeland are enough to take our breath away. Add in a secret operation underground to make a bullet factory for an upcoming expected war, posing as a bakery, and you’ve got the stuff that wins Academy Awards for its sensational […]

Jordan River Kayaking

May 17th 2011

Do you remember that high moment in Jewish History when the Jews crossed that river with Joshua as their leader, finally stepping foot into the Holy Land? A momentous event, to be sure, complete with Red Sea-style sea- splitting fun. That river was called the Jordan River. Fastfoward in time thousands of years and…….. Does […]

Rockets into Roses

May 16th 2011

When you’ve got lemons, make lemonade. And when you’ve got rockets, make roses. A fairly unconventional tactic for dealing with the hardship of life, Israeli artist Yaron Bob has done the impossible- making something that is a symbol of death and destruction into a sign of rebirth. How? With a hammer, anvil and furnace, Yaron […]

Rosh HaNikra

May 10th 2011

In the heart of the Galilee, at Rosh Hanikra, visit the grottoes! The grottos, or more simply put, sea caves, are world-renowned inner caves that have been the result of thousands of years of geological processes occurring within the rock. And the last thousands of years have molded a breathtaking inner landscape that you can […]

DocAviv Festival

May 10th 2011

While you’re traveling in Israel, take the opportunity to travel the entire world in a single day. No need to fear strange airplane meals; this trip will happen without a seatbelt in the comfort of your smooshy, cushioned theatre chair. How? At the hip DocAviv festival; Tel Aviv’s International Film Festival for the third year […]

Paintball in Israel

May 5th 2011

Paintball. Throughout your travels in the land of Israel, there are numerous sites ready to host your Israeli group tour on a colorful, competitive outing. If you are traveling with younger ones, this is one experience they will never pass up. For kids 6-12, you can host birthday parties, set up by  the organization Paintball Israel […]

Lag B’Omer Bonfires

May 4th 2011

Israel is burning up, this May 21, 2011, with bonfires galore. This holiday celebration of Lag B’omer isn’t exactly “marshmallow season” ( though you could bring a bag if you want). Rather, it is a day of great joy and festivities, after thirty three days of mourning in which observant Jews don’t listen to live […]

Ethopian Jews and Yom Haatzmaut in Jerusalem

May 2nd 2011

Israel is a land with millions of stories of people from all around the world returning to their homeland in the most unusual and surprising ways. Among the stories are the Jews from Ethiopia, who in the last thirty years have returned en masse after two enormous emergency airlift operations (Operation Moses and Operation Solomon). […]

Yad Vashem Survivor’s Art Collections

April 28th 2011

Yad Vashem Present Survivor’s Art Collections “Virtues of Memory: Six Decades of Holocaust Survivor’s Creativity” is one of the newest exhibitions recently opened at Yad Vashem, Israel’s famous and powerful Holocaust Memorial Museum. At this monumental event, unprecedented in its scope, are the works of close to 300 Holocaust survivors, including among them extremely prestigious […]

Mount Hertzl

April 27th 2011

Going into the mind of a visionary is always a fascinating ride. While traveling in Israel, be sure to find yourself on top of Mount Hertzl in Jerusalem. On those grounds is a military cemetery as well as the burial site of many great Israeli leaders including Yitzhak Rabin, Golda Meir, and the great visionary, Theodor Herzl. “If […]

The Dead Sea Wonder

April 26th 2011

If you haven’t yet traveled in Israel to the Dead Sea, you are missing the most bizarre water adventure of your life. The Dead Sea shores, being the lowest place on Earth where one can stand, are 420 m below sea level. Pretty unusual. So unusual that gravity doesn’t act how it usually does, and […]

What and who is Bahai?

April 22nd 2011

Some people might erroneously believe that Israel is all desert, but boy- are they wrong! There’s nothing that screams “not just a desert land” more loudly than the gardens which are located in the north of Israel in a land called Haifa. There, you will find an incredibly lush experience; the Bahai gardens. Perhaps you […]

2011 Maccabi Games

April 21st 2011

Now this is cool. Calling all teens, ages 13-17. If your teen has the smallest inkling to visit the Holy Land, tell them about this amazing opportunity to not just travel in Israel but also compete there in the 2011 Maccabi Games. In terms of Jewish sports competition, this is the big time. On July […]

Sea of Galilee Swim-a-Thon

April 21st 2011

If you’re not exactly the running type, and the Jerusalem Marathon wasn’t your thing, there are still lots of way to exercise your way through your Israel tour. On Wednesday, May 25, find yourself at the Sea of Galilee, ready to swim your way to helping out those in need at the Swim4Sadna swim-a-thon. Another […]

Priestly Blessings

April 14th 2011

Biblical times are here again! Travel in Israel back in time. For a few hours at least. The second day of chol hamoed Pesach, go back to where and when it all happened- the First Temple in Jerusalem. Which means, roughly translated nowadays, meet you at the Western Wall. There will be a huge event […]

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