2011 Maccabi Games

April 21st 2011

Now this is cool.

Calling all teens, ages 13-17.

If your teen has the smallest inkling to visit the Holy Land, tell them about this amazing opportunity to not just travel in Israel but also compete there in the 2011 Maccabi Games.

In terms of Jewish sports competition, this is the big time.

On July 26- 29, the Games will commence, as Jewish teens from all over the world compete in a plethora of sporting events.

If your teen is into basketball, soccer, bowling, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, or swimming, there are Jewish teens around the world who are ready to join forces with him/her and start good, healthy competition, competing for the bronze, silver, and of course, gold medallions.

Is your teen vehemently shaking his head, proclaiming that he is not an athlete?

Well, lucky for him, in conjunction with the Maccabi Games sports competition is Maccabi Arts Fest. If your teen is into cooking, photography, journalism, acting, visual arts, or music, s/he can audition for a spot to be learning under a resident artist in each field over the course of the 5 days. Your teen will enjoy opening and closing night events, performances, and exhibitions.


If you wanted  your teen to have an Israel bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah experience, this opportunity will blow any other trip out of the water.

The week following competition will be one of traveling in Israel with the rest of the Maccabi youth sports players and artists. Probably the most comfortable, amazing Israel group tour experience your teen could ever ask for ( as cool as it is touring Israel with mom and dad, private touring with tons of athletes your age from all over the world just beats it all. No offense, parents : ) ).

Over Shabbat, Maccabia youth will be hosted by Israeli families, acting as unofficial Israeli tour guides to give them a little taste of Israeli culture.

What types of sites can a Maccabi youth expect to see? Classic Israel vacation locations will be part of the schedule, including such sites as Masada, the Dead Sea, and Jerusalem holy sites, as well as Tel Aviv, Yad Vashem, and Mt Herzl.  Plus sprinkle in some fabulous evening programming that includes fireworks on the Kinneret, dance parties, and cultural events galore.


Calling all teens, ages 13-17.

Come travel in Israel. And compete. And create. And truly live.