Camel Land Israel

April 7th 2011

Camels are an Israeli tourist’s best friend.

Unless the person wants to get somewhere really quickly, in which case, an Israeli cab driver with a heavy foot is his best friend. But otherwise, when trying to get back in touch with our forefathers who roamed the Middle East on the slow saddles of these funny four legged creatures, camels are an Israeli tourist’s best friend.

Every participant of an Israel group tour wants to go home with that classic picture of himself with a goofy smile on top of a fairly bored and constantly chewing camel. But where can that happen? How?

True, you might be able to find some random person hosting camel ride’s in a parking lot in order to snap a picture, but there is something even better and classier for your Israel travel adventures.

Search no farther than Camel Land is no fantasy world; it exists in its entirety in the beautiful wide expanse of the Negev Desert, located near the ancient Nabataean city of Kurnub-Mamshit.

Camel Land has one purpose and one purpose only- to raise good, pleasant, healthy camels in order to give Israeli tourists an authentic camel-riding opportunity.

If you fall in love with your special camel, your visit could range from 1 hour to 4 days. Indeed, Camel Land has all different types of programs directed at the camel aficionados and all those who want to feel just a little more biblical.  To do a quick romp around the desert plains, your Israel travel adventure via camel could last hour within the Camel Park, or go all around the surrounding area and its ancient towns.

In addition, be pleasantly showered with history on all of the “flora and fauna” area (Urban dictionary translation: landscape) of the area. Israel tour guides at the Camel Land Ranch are excellent resources for everything camel- related.

For those on private Israel tours, or vacationing in Israel for a more extended amount of town, there is no need to look any farther than the Camel Land Ranch in order to find a place to crash before another slow and exciting camel adventure then next morning. Camel Land comes equipped with its own “hotel” services- accommodations they call desert huts ( warmed with radiators) with up to 5 beds in one room, and a building of clean showers and bathrooms right next door. Plus, for a little extra gelt, you can also get some delicious Camel Land breakfast and lunch delicacies.

It might be a good opportunity to take, as there are amazing hiking and driving trails that you could indulge in in between camel visits.

You cannot pass this opportunity to truly live the old camel lifestyle, moseying around the gorgeous climate of the Holy Land, slowing your travels in Israel down to a more ancient, biblical speed.