Rockefeller Jerusalem – Ice Skating

March 24th 2011

Grab your ice skates, roll onto the ice, and show us your moves in a beautiful ice arena in the middle of the city.

No, you’re not at Rockefeller Center in New York City. Rather, you’re vacationing in Israel in the middle of the spring/summer. That’s right. Touring in Israel, ice skating in Jerusalem , on a 500 meter temporarily constructed rink. In March.

If you have signed up for a Israeli group tour From March 10 – April 14 (perfectly squeezed in around Purim and Passover), you will have the opportunity to live this inconceivable existence. Of course, there is an age limit, and anyone below the age of 6 needs to wait until they are older to experience it. This is a fantastic night to spend with your children if you are celebrating a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel.

Every Sunday through Thursday, from 10 in the morning to 11 at night, Safra Square will become Rockefeller Jerusalem, with music blasting from all sides, satisfying all your skating desires.

Alongside the ice rink in a fantastically huge 1,000 meter tent are cafes, booths, and shops of all kinds, to give you the full festival experience.

What exactly is the location of the rink?

Safra Square is the center of Jerusalem’s municipality and City Hall, the home of Jerusalem government decision making. A beautiful view of northern Jerusalem and Mt. Scopus is visible from one end of the building.  Safra Square’s huge courtyard plaza and stage  is used to host all sorts of events including folk dancing classes, the annual basketball festival, concerts, and the mayor’s sukkah. You know, the usual tour sites for your travels in Israel.

Now, for over a month, enjoy Rockefeller Jerusalem!