Mount Hertzl

April 27th 2011

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGoing into the mind of a visionary is always a fascinating ride.

While traveling in Israel, be sure to find yourself on top of Mount Hertzl in Jerusalem. On those grounds is a military cemetery as well as the burial site of many great Israeli leaders including Yitzhak Rabin, Golda Meir, and the great visionary, Theodor Herzl.

“If you will it, it is no dream,” this visionary famously declared,  and proceeded to set into motion the beginnings of what you are now able to enjoy as the land of Israel. However, the process was full of arduous labor and years admist turmoil, sorrow and victory.

Mount Herzl 2There is so much more behind Theodore Hertzl’s vision than a few nicely coined expressions.  And to honor the lifetime achievements of this man, the Herzl Museum has been established on Mount Herzl to give those vacationing in Israel ( as well as native born Israelis) the opportunity to go deeper. The museum has created a fantastic audio-visual presentation that will truly blow you away as it goes through the personal life of this determined, yet fallible man.

Israel bar and bat mitzvah tours will love the experience of getting a personal glimpse into the courage and the effort it takes to build a nation. Younger Jews now are so accustomed to the existence of the State and their effortless ability to cross into its borders and even live here, that they will be deeply moved to realize how life was pre-1948.

In addition, another useful element of this hour long video is its honesty in portraying the complexities of the Jewish State with information that you may not receive from your Israeli tour guide.  The video discusses the ways in which Israel is not perfect, and the journey it still has yet to go on.

The museum has an excellent educational center, dedicating to developing people’s understanding of Zionist ideologies, past and present history, and passing on this knowledge to future generations.

What else did Herzl do besides dedicate his life to creating a Jewish state? Actually, a lot of things. And the museum showcases his fiction writings, his journalist endeavors ( he worked as a journalist in Vienna before he became joined to the Zionist cause)  and his personal photo albums of his travels throughout his life.

There are tours available, perfect for Israel group tours and private Israel tours, but reservations need to be made in advance.