Big Matzah & Mini Israel

April 12th 2011

There is something so cute about things in the miniature. And as mesmerizing as the Western Wall is, the miniature replica of it, complete with praying, swaying, mechanically animated mini people all in exquisite fine detail, is just too precious to pass up.

Luckily, this Passover, Mini Israel is having a special deal on all of those in humanity that can’t resist the opportunity to see things from a bird’s eye view.

Yes, there exists a place in Israel called Mini-Israel, in which the entirety of the Jewish State is recreated so that even if you don’t have time on your Israel group tour to literally hike through the desert, you can walk through it in about 60 seconds. Israel travel without the extra cost of falafels to feed your hunger.

The exact area of Mini Israel covers about 7.5 square acres, and boasts 25,000 miniature Israeli residents that are all about 7 cm in height. Yes, I said it. 7 cm. And you thought that Jews were not a tall bunch.  All of the most important architectural, religious, social, historical, and archeological sites and buildings are exhibited in unbelievable model scale of 1:25. Don’t worry, all real Israeli tour guides on the site are of normal height.

But not everything in Mini Israel is mini, at least not this Pesach. Conversely, Mini Israel also boasts the “Biggest Matzah Show” in Israel ( and probably the world).  Six meters by one meter, it is made with 5.5 kilograms of flour, 2 liters of water, and weighs approximately six kilograms. Beyond that, it has 119,000 holes. All courtesy of Springs Matzah Factory, which has been doing this type of thing ( baking matzot that is, not making outrageously humongous ones) for the last one hundred and twenty years. The grotesquely large matzah will be on view for the public at the opening area of the Mini Israel Park.

Furthermore, there are some songs and dances to carry you through the Passover season. Presenting the Passover Haggada through a humorous lens, actors in character will bring the story to life, interacting with the audience in a special, historical lens, as you tramp through all of the different types of Israeli scenery. Expect Elijah to greet  you at the door and invite you to sit down, predict that Moses will come over to strike up a conversation.  Vacationing in Israel never felt this good. An Israel bat mitzvah tour dream come true.

A Mini Land, a huge matzah, and old characters from the Bible coming to life in a humorous way.

Sounds like Alice in Wonderland, Jewish style.