The Dead Sea Wonder

April 26th 2011

If you haven’t yet traveled in Israel to the Dead Sea, you are missing the most bizarre water adventure of your life. The Dead Sea shores, being the lowest place on Earth where one can stand, are 420 m below sea level. Pretty unusual. So unusual that gravity doesn’t act how it usually does, and with the unique density of this water, filled with an uncommon percentage of salt, you actually bob up and down in the water instead of sinking to the bottom. Which is good news to those of us who are still afraid of entering any mass of water without floating devices.

If your Israeli tour guide pops the question – “ Who wants to swim in the Dead Sea?” – you must pointedly remind him that swimming is fairly impossible, though “floating” would be a more accurate term.
The sea is 30% salinity, 8.6 times saltier than the ocean, and a whole lot saltier than your grandma’s saltiest matzo ball soup.
If you feel like fighting for a cause while you are in Israel, fight for this- make sure that the Dead Sea is named among the next 7 Wonders of the World.

If this sounds like your type of thing, run your fingers to to and cast your vote as soon as possible! Better yet, make it the theme of your Israeli group tour, getting each participant to cast their vote!

And once your done fighting for the New7Wonders cause while vacationing in Israel, you can relax from your activist lifestyle at the numerous amounts of spas and centers around the Dead Sea area, determined to making you feel as calm as possible. To go into a few, to get the Dead Sea taste: First off, at the Dead Sea, there is the Ein Bokek Solarium, which uses light treatments to heal skin and joint diseases. Next on the list is the “A Spring Touch (“Maga shel Aviv”). Offering a variety of holistic treatments both for children and adults, “A Spring Touch” is located in Kibbutz Ein Gedi. And then there is “Spa in the Desert”, perfect for a night off from the children, this spa specializes in creating a romantic atmosphere and offers different massage options with only the most professional masseurs.

Take a life lesson from the Dead Sea- Float along in life, don’t sink. Happy bobbing!