What and who is Bahai?

April 22nd 2011

Some people might erroneously believe that Israel is all desert, but boy- are they wrong!

There’s nothing that screams “not just a desert land” more loudly than the gardens which are located in the north of Israel in a land called Haifa. There, you will find an incredibly lush experience; the Bahai gardens.

Perhaps you will ask: What and who is Bahai?

To prepare you before your Israeli tour guide divulges all the information, here are some facts about the Bahai faith. It began in the nineteenth century in Iran, as an offshoot of the Muslim Shiite faith. Their prophet, whose name was Baha-u-llah, was not to welcome in Iran after he began professing his controversial beliefs. Exiled out of his country and neighboring Muslim countries, he ended up at Mt. Carmel, in Haifa, which he found quite to his liking.

Determined to remain posthumously in the Holy Land, Baha-u-llah found to it that he and his predecessor’s bones would be interned there, in Haifa. The majestic golden dome that is the focal point of the gardens is their shrine. This shrine has a forty meter high dome that is lined with 14,000 gold-coated.
Those of the Bahai faith enjoy religious freedom in Israel, as opposed to places in the rest of the world that are not so open to their differing viewpoints on the religious history of the world and the direction it is headed.

In the world, there are actually five million Bahaians, which is pretty impressive considering that the religion is relatively new. Hundred of thousands of tourists from around the world , of all faiths, come to the majestic Bahai gardens n private Israel tours as well as group Israel tours ( as well as by themselves!) every year to revel in its intricate beauty.

When we say gardens, we mean gardens in its most elaborate form. We’re talking 19 luscious, exquisite, breathtaking terraces, the highest one being the “Persian Gardens” which are sight that cannot be missed. Surrounding the terraces are citrus groves, topiary, and flowers.

There is a theme of “nine” that coincides with Bahai faith regarding the “nine major world religions” and can be witnessed in the nine concentric circles that extend out from the shrine, with the shrine itself containing nine sides.

There is where the heartbeat of the Bahai world pumps, and next to the shrine is the Universal House of Justice, with ( you guessed it) nine members 0f the high Bahai council.

The garden is also called by some the “Eighth Wonder of the World” which gives you some insight into its majestic appearance and effect.

Vacationing in Israel means that you will have the opportunity to visit many areas that are of different climates and topography. Make sure that on your Israel vacations you make the Bahai gardens part or your luscious experience!