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What Modern Tel Aviv has to Offer

April 2nd 2012

Modern Tel Aviv & Ancient Jaffa Often considered the modern face of Israel, see what Tel Aviv has to offer by spending a day exploring its beaches, boutiques, cafes, and markets. Nicknamed “The White City” for its abundance of Bauhaus architecture, Tel Aviv was declared a UNESCO World Heritage City in 2003. A tour to […]

Discover Israel’s Coastal Sites

April 2nd 2012

Discover Israel’s Coastal Sites Israel’s northern Mediterranean coast provides a poignant perspective on the country’s history through the ancient ports built by its conquerors from over the ages. On your tour to Israel, travel north from Tel Aviv and see Roman ruins, a Crusader city, maritime artifacts and natural grottos. Experience Israel’s natural beauty and […]

Ramon Crater Family Touring

March 18th 2012

The Best Family Activities in Mitzpe Ramon Mitzpe Ramon, the sleepy town perched on the edge of the world’s largest erosion crater, boasts tons of fun activities for the whole family. From vigorous hikes to an alpaca farm with a petting zoo, there is truly something for everyone. Don’t leave Israel without a visit to […]

10 Reasons Why Caesarea is Worth Visiting

March 12th 2012

In Caesarea, ancient Roman ruins mingle with a spectacular Mediterranean beach town. From fascinating archeological wonders to incredible snorkeling and diving, this Northern Israeli city located between Tel Aviv and Haifa is well worth a visit. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should include a trip to Caesarea on your tour to Israel:  […]

Wineries, Farms, and the Negev Spice Route

March 11th 2012

Wineries, Farms, and Archeological Wonders on the Negev Spice Route Ben Gurion always believed that “It is in the Negev that the creativity and pioneer vigor of Israel shall be tested.” Today this is proving to be truer than ever as the ancient Nabatean spice route is being revitalized with wine and cheese makers, and […]

Top 5 Reasons to Spend Passover in Israel

March 6th 2012

The Passover Seder traditionally concludes with, “Next year in Jerusalem.” This April, why not say “this year in Jerusalem” and spend one of the most poignant Jewish holidays in the Holy Land?

Top 10 Family Activities in Israel

December 20th 2011

Top 10 Family Tour Activities in Israel Striking the balance between serious and fun when planning family trips to Israel might at first seem difficult: there is so much to experience in Israel yet a limited period of time to do it all. It doesn’t have to be. In fact, striking the balance is increasingly […]

Jerusalem Old City – Top 10 Sites!

December 19th 2011

Top 10 Jerusalem Old City Sites & Activities Jerusalem’s Old City is only small at one square kilometre in area. Don’t let that put you off visiting though. Within those famous golden stone walls are some of the most fascinating and memorable places you are likely to visit on any trip to Israel as well […]

Golan Heights Top 10 Sites!

December 6th 2011

Top 10 Golan Heights Sites & Activities: The Golan Heights in the far north of Israel is a land of natural beauty. Standing high above the eastern shores of the Sea of Galilee, the Golan is packed with nature reserves and national parks, historic sites and religious centers, and amazing active experiences that will remain […]

Matza Matza Matza!

October 10th 2011

Celebrating Passover in Israel can be a deeply meaningful experience for religious Jews. There are a number of Passover-related holidays that fill the spring months with religious and historical observances. Those coming to Israel for tourism and shopping should take note that many businesses are closed during these holidays and many Israelis choose this time […]

Purim: Israel’s Happiest Holiday

October 10th 2011

Purim is considered the happiest holiday in Israel, because it commemorates the rescue of the Jews from being massacred in ancient Persia, thanks to the intervention of Queen Esther. The holiday begins around the 14th of March, and usually spans several days. If you are participating in Israel tours – March 2012, you will find […]

January in Full Bloom

October 10th 2011

Traveling during the winter can be much more pleasant than you expect, especially in Israel, which is hot most of the year. Travelers can often take advantage of post-holiday plane fares and fewer crowds by scheduling their winter Israel tours. January 2012 would be the perfect time of the year to schedule a tour. Since […]

Why Travel to Israel in the Winter?

October 10th 2011

Many people don’t think of winter as the best time to travel anywhere. In fact, Israel is a delightful exception to that rule. If you’ve been interested in seeing the many and varied sights that Israel has to offer, you will probably enjoy visiting in the winter when many of the interesting outdoor sights are […]

December Fun in Israel!

October 10th 2011

December is a wonderful time to visit Israel. Temperatures have cooled off, and there are a lot of outdoor events going on. Traveling with what some of the most popular Israel tours of December 2012 have in store means you’ll have a chance to enjoy some of these activities while taking in the many cultural […]

The Festival of Lights

October 10th 2011

Hanukkah is one of the most meaningful and interesting holidays for the Jewish people.  If you choose to visit Israel in December, you will find a large variety of things to do. Because of milder weather, outdoor activities can be particularly enjoyable. If you participate in Israel tours – December 2011, you will have a lot […]

Holiday Wind Down

October 10th 2011

After a particularly busy time in which the harvest and Sukkot are celebrated, the festivities start to wind down with the dual holidays of Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah. In Israel, these are both celebrated on the same day- October 8, 2012- which coincides with the last day of Sukkot. Israel tours – October 2012 […]

Join the Sukkot Festivities!

October 10th 2011

After a period of prayer and contemplation beginning with Rosh Hashanah and ending with Yom Kippur, there follows the week-long celebration of Sukkot. In 2012, it begins on September 30 and ends on October 7. Be sure to book some of the most desirable Israel tours of October 2012 so you can arrange to be […]

Experiencing Yom Kippur in Israel

October 10th 2011

Israel’s Day of Atonement is one of its most widely observed holidays. If you happen to be in Israel during that time, you will notice that absolutely everything, including television programming and non-essential traffic is completely shut down. For many Jews, celebrating Yom Kippur in Israel is a life-long dream. If you book one of […]

Celebrating the New Year in Israel

October 6th 2011

Celebrating the New Year in Israel The Israeli New Year will be celebrated on September 17th and 18th in 2012. It can be an interesting time to be in Israel, but travelers should be aware that a lot of businesses and attractions will be closed for the holiday. Still, those who are interested in participating […]

Israel Bar & Bat Mitzvah – Give Some Love

July 4th 2011

How to Affect Children in Israel from Your Living Room; Israel Bar and Bat Mitzvah Tour ideas with Ahava When you come to Israel with your family and your little one (and your growing, bigger ones) on your Israel Bar Mitzvah or Israel Bat Mitzvah tour, you will, understandably, expect to gain a lot from […]