Israel Bar & Bat Mitzvah in Neot Kedumim

July 4th 2011

A Natural Biblical Landscape Bar Mitzvah

Some people like to celebrate their Bar/Bat Mitzvah in the center of town, at some nearby hotel, at the Western wall, or in their family’s synagogue. And still others, those nature-loving amongst us particularly, yearn to return to their roots, in the midst of nature that is.

Luckily for them, NeotKedumim exists in the Holy Land of Israel, a perfect location for your Israel Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tour’s shining star to, well, shine.NeotKedumim is the only biblical landscape reserve around in the world.

For your daughter, you can learn about Biblical woman and their significance. Talk about Rebecca at the water cistern ( ala the one she used to draw water for Eliezer’s camels), talk about Miriam while hiding out in the bulrushes, and sit under a date palm tree and discuss the virtue and bravery of the Prophetess Deborah.

Fortunately, no sacrifices are needed to ensure a fantastic Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience surrounded by the beauty of nature. NK can work with small gatherings of close family and friends, or large fiestas with guests galore!Wanna dance? No problem! NK has a fully operating indoor arena called “Ofira’s Garden” for 150 luckily ladies and gents, a  450 person outdoor summer garden, or a 850 person zone called “Jotham’s Garden”.  If you have 850 people to invite to your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah, consider me very impressed.

Want food? Straight from the NK kitchen, biblical-style vegetarian or meat or cheese dishes are offered.

Whether you are Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, or Just Jewish, NK is open to hosting ceremonies for all ways of life. You can even bring in your own Rabbi to run the show.

Watch a scribe demonstrate Hebrew calligraphy, make your own calligraphic designs, and receive a deluxe Bar/Bat Mitzvah certificate to take home to show the Joneses. Or have your kids participate in a Mezuzah Treasure Hunt or sit on Judean Hills and plant a grapevine, watering it from an ancient cistern. L’chaim!

A party planner from the NK organization will be working with you ( no need to sweat the long to-do lists) to ensure that everything gets done in the most organized, and stress free way possible.

Go back to your biblical roots and spend a pleasant day amongst the trees, cisterns, and bulrushes to reminisce about days long ago, as your child enters into a new phase of life.