Celebrating the New Year in Israel

October 6th 2011

Celebrating the New Year in Israel
The Israeli New Year will be celebrated on September 17th and 18th in 2012. It can be an interesting time to be in Israel, but travelers should be aware that a lot of businesses and attractions will be closed for the holiday. Still, those who are interested in participating in the religious observances will find that being in Israel during Rosh Hashanah is a deeply moving and memorable experience. Being a part of what Israel tours have to offer in September 2012 is a great way to participate in this important holiday.

An interesting event you might notice during Rosh Hashanah in Israel is the blowing of the shofar. This is a ram’s horn blown in a synagogue 100 times as a reminder to the Jewish people to stay alert. Another thing you might want to participate is the Tashlikh- the “casting off.” This takes place on the afternoon of Rosh Hashanah. Small stones or chunks of bread are thrown into a creek or river to symbolize the casting off of the past year’s sins. Even if you don’t participate, it can be interesting to watch others observe this custom.

Keep in mind that most businesses and restaurants will be closed for two days during this holiday. If you wish to participate in the religious aspects, synagogues will be offering lengthy prayer and liturgical services. Depending upon the ethnic background and branch of Judaism, these can be quite different.

If you plan to include this holiday as part of your whole vacation, you can end up having an interesting and meaningful cultural experience.