December Fun in Israel!

October 10th 2011

December is a wonderful time to visit Israel. Temperatures have cooled off, and there are a lot of outdoor events going on. Traveling with what some of the most popular Israel tours of December 2012 have in store means you’ll have a chance to enjoy some of these activities while taking in the many cultural and historic sights.

One popular event is the Festival of Festivals, held every year in Haifa. It is held every weekend in December in Haifa’s Wadi Nisnas neighborhood, which is a mix of Arab and Jewish. The festival promotes peace, understanding and good relations with ones neighbors. There are a variety of artistic and cultural events celebrating Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Every December, there is the annual Veolia Desert Challenge at the Dead Sea. This is a sports festival for mountain bikers and runners. After the races, there is a festival for participants and families. There is food, music, children’s activities, all sorts of competitions and performances. It’s a unique and interesting experience in one of the world’s most unusual landscapes.

Since Hanukah is celebrated throughout much of the month, you will also have opportunities to enjoy religious celebrations in addition to all of the outdoor activities.