Bar Mitzvah Project – Victims of Terror

July 4th 2011

Be a Part of the Simcha; Volunteer to Help Victims of Terror

When you visit Israel on your Bar or Bat Mitzvah family tour, you can expect to enter a serene and peaceful country.

You might wonder :This is the place where violence and terror is discussed on television networks from your country of origin? This is the place where foreign ambassadors are constantly trying to figure out some sort of peace treaty? Really?

It may be hard to imagine that, as you float gracefully around Israeli soil, taking in the majestic scenery and speaking with exuberant and loving Israelis. While it is important to show your children the safety and serenity of Israel, it can also be a very educational and necessary experience for them to see the more difficult sides of the country, with the terror attacks that unfortunately still continue. In order that they understand the importance of tikkunolam, of helping out fellow Jews who are in need, and how that relates to their Bar/Bat Mitzvah process.

Enter a fantastic organization, called Chabad’s Terror Victims Project, which operates in Israel to aid such unfortunate situations in need. When a terror victim arrives at the hospital to receive medical treatment, the volunteers from CTVP have been alerted and are already on the case, en route to the hospital to offer their personal comfort and support. Indeed, you can show your children through this organization that  the world operates on the good will of ordinary citizens who volunteer their hearts, minds, and bodies.

Beyond simply the early, necessary support in the first moments of those victims, CTVP volunteers know the importance of staying with the victims for the long haul. The organization willingly stays in contact with these victims long after they are fortunate to leave the hospital arena, intent of giving long last support throughout the years.

Hands on opportunities are available, for your family to take part in. These options include packing gift and food packages (these can be done from your own living room or hotel room), and even personally distributing them to terror victims throughout Israel, in locations such as Sderot.

Israel is a place in which there is still much left to heal and assist with. Chabad Terror Victims Project is an organization dedicated to that healing. Be a part of the process of healing others, using your hands to make gift baskets and your smiles to warm the hearts of those that desperately need communal support.