Why Travel to Israel in the Winter?

October 10th 2011

Many people don’t think of winter as the best time to travel anywhere. In fact, Israel is a delightful exception to that rule. If you’ve been interested in seeing the many and varied sights that Israel has to offer, you will probably enjoy visiting in the winter when many of the interesting outdoor sights are less hot and crowded than at other times of the year. If you choose some of the Israel tours of February 2012, you will have a pleasant time seeing a lot of the country without dealing with the typical crowds.

Tu Bishvat is a festival that marks the coming of spring. Over the years, it has become customary for Israelis to celebrate it by planting trees. Near the Sea of Galilee, you can visit the Hula Valley, where many trees have been planted during Tu Bishvat over the years. At restaurants and outdoor food stalls you might see more offerings of fruit like grapes and pomegranates, another Tu Bishvat tradition.

While you’re in the Galilee area, you can cross the Jordan River to the Golan Heights. This area is home to the Golan Winery which is open to visitors every day except Saturday and holidays.  You will also find an archaeological museum and a Talmudic village you can visit. If you’re interested in history, nearby Gamla National Park contains the ruins of a Jewish city destroyed by the Romans during the revolt of 66-70CE.

No matter the time of year, Israel offers visitors a lot to see and do, and you can enjoy the cooler, quieter months by getting off the beaten path to see some of the more unusual sights.