Purim: Israel’s Happiest Holiday

October 10th 2011

Purim is considered the happiest holiday in Israel, because it commemorates the rescue of the Jews from being massacred in ancient Persia, thanks to the intervention of Queen Esther. The holiday begins around the 14th of March, and usually spans several days. If you are participating in Israel tours – March 2012, you will find a number of different places and ways you can celebrate.

Purim is a particularly nice holiday to celebrate with children because many of the public festivals in Israel are geared toward them. One of these is the Holon Purim Event. Sponsored by the Children’s Museum, it puts on a big parade with over 4,000 brightly costumed dancers and musicians.

There is also a one-day festival at Caesarea National Park, near the historic port. There are all kinds of music and performances by clowns and other circus performers. Ramat Hasharon boasts the biggest Purim parade in the region with marching bands, acrobats and costumed dancers. There are also shows on four different stages set up in the city square.

Music lovers will be able to enjoy the Eilat Chamber Music Festival, which usually runs for a few weeks in March, and showcases musicians from all over the world.

If you are traveling with children, or simply want to enjoy a happy, less solemn holiday in Israel, think about taking Israel Tours in March 2012 to enjoy Purim with your family and other Israelis.