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Winemaking Across Israel, Then and Now

July 10th 2012

Although the modern wine industry in Israel is just over a century old, the country has a rich and ancient history of viticulture – just think about all the references to wine in the Bible! It seems that every excavation turns up more ancient wine presses that highlight what an important role it played in […]

Adventure through Gush Etzion

July 5th 2012

Israel may be best known for its religious and historical sites, but travelers in the know have discovered that the country is also an adventure lover’s heaven. After visiting Jerusalem, head just south into the Judean Hills to a cluster of settlements known as Gush Etzion. In this unassuming area, visitors can embark on a […]

Wine and History in the North

July 2nd 2012

The north of Israel is an idyllic landscape of rolling hills and lush vegetation. Visit the Carmel Winery – the country’s biggest and oldest winery – and learn about winemaking in the region all while tasting samples. Continue your tour of the area with stops at the informative Museum of Illegal Immigration and Graves of […]

How to enjoy Friday & Shabbat in Jerusalem

June 25th 2012

A trip to Israel is hardly complete without a visit to Hebron, the second holiest site in the country. It is an ancient custom for Jerusalemites to visit Hebron on Friday’s to pay respects at the Cave of Patriarchs, the burial site of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (yes, the same guys from the Bible). The […]

Top Five Open-Air Markets to Visit in Israel

June 20th 2012

Israel is home to incredible archeological and religious sites and breathtaking natural wonders. But for a glimpse into the daily life of Israelis, there is no better place to visit than the country’s colorful open-air markets. Every city has at least one, called a shuk in Hebrew, and it is here that you can find […]

Chill in Eilat

June 20th 2012

Archaeological and Geological Wonders at Eilat and Petra Travel down to the very southern tip of Israel to enjoy the beauty of the desert and the stunning Red Sea. In Eilat, enjoy the beach, observe amazing marine life forms at the Underwater Observation Marine Park, or go hiking at Timna National Park. For those looking […]

The Beauty of the Negev

June 12th 2012

David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, was an ardent believer in the potential of the Negev desert, which makes up 60% of the country’s landmass. “It is in the Negev that the creativity and pioneer vigor of Israel shall be tested,” he said. See what Ben Gurion was so passionate about with a visit […]

The Markets of Israel

June 10th 2012

Food lovers and shopaholics will rejoice at the outdoor food and shopping markets in Israel. Every city has at least one outdoor market, called a shuk, where visitors can get a taste for the local flavors, find the perfect souvenirs, and take part in everyday life. Visit Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda Market, Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market […]

Getting the Most of your Visit in the Old City of Jerusalem

June 7th 2012

Of course a visit to the Kotel, or Western Wall, is a must when visiting Jerusalem, but the Jewish Quarter of the Old City has lots more to offer. Explore hidden gems like the Wohl Archaeological Museum, the Katros House’s artifacts dating from the Second Temple, the Siloam Tunnel and more. The Jewish Quarter of […]

Israeli Military History in Tel Aviv

May 24th 2012

Those interested in military history and Israel have no shortage of exciting sites and museums to visit in Tel Aviv. Learn about the military force that later became the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at the Hagana and Palmach Museums, check out a collection of items used by the Israeli army during the 1948 War of […]

Experience Old Jaffa

May 20th 2012

Home to one of the oldest ports in the world, historic Jaffa, just south of Tel Aviv, is a colorful place to spend a day. Find some gems at the lively flea market, marvel at the beauty of the Mediterranean from the start of the Jaffa Promenade, wander the cobblestoned artists’ quarter around the port, […]

Catch Some Rays in Eilat

May 13th 2012

Israel’s resort town on the Red Sea, Eilat is the ultimate stop for sun seekers and water lovers. Swim with dolphins at Dolphin Beach, or enjoy some of the world’s best coral reefs by snorkeling, scuba diving, or sNuba diving. Those who want to observe the underwater world without getting wet can visit the Underwater Observation Marine Park. Kings City Eilat, a 40,000-square foot biblical-themed amusement park, is another fun, family-friendly attraction.

Discover History and Nature in the Galilee Mountains

May 8th 2012

The gorgeous Galilee Mountains are home to natural wonders and historic sites. Lovers of the outdoors will want to head to Keshet Cave, which is perfect for rappelling. Archaeology buffs, meanwhile, will get a kick out of the excavated Talmudic village at Zippori National Park, the ancient Jewish town found at Beit Shearim, and the […]

Explore Central Israel’s Sites

May 6th 2012

In between spiritual Jerusalem and modern Tel Aviv lies a wealth of fascinating Israeli sites that offer a range of experiences. For a glimpse into Israel’s military past, visit the clandestine Ayalon Institute Bullet Factory, a battlefield from the War of Independence (Latrun Police Station), and the Armored Brigade Museum. Kids will enjoy the science […]

Google Street View Comes to Israel

May 2nd 2012

Planning your tour to Israel just got easier. After months of negotiations with Israeli security teams, Google Maps has released its popular Street View capability in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa, with much of the rest of the country coming soon. Now it’s that much easier to sneak a peak at Tel Aviv’s fine beaches, […]

Climb Masada & Dead Sea Float

April 30th 2012

Situated high above the Dead Sea, Masada is a symbol of Jewish heroism and courage that should not be missed on your tour to Israel. Climb or ride to the top to walk amidst the remains of King Herod’s fortress and to experience some of the most sensational views in Israel. Then cool off with […]

Experience Jerusalem’s Old City

April 23rd 2012

A trip to Israel is not complete without a stop at the Kotel, or Western Wall. But there is also so much more to experience in Jerusalem’s magical Old City. Tour the underground tunnels beneath the Western Wall, make homage to King David’s tomb, discover hidden Sephardi synagogues, and witness an incredible light show, all […]

Jerusalem: Ancient City, Modern Capital

April 23rd 2012

Jerusalem is an unparalleled locale when it comes to witnessing ancient architecture alongside a thriving, modern city. Immerse yourself in the recent history of this incredible country with a visit to the Mount Herzl Memorial, Yad Veshem Holocaust Museum, and the Ammunition Hill 1967 War Trenches and Memorial. Then get a glimpse into everyday life […]

The Galilee & Tzfat Kaballah

April 8th 2012

Mysticism, Nature and History in the Galilee and Tzfat  A tour of the northern region of Israel has something for everyone. From the home of kabbalah to an abandoned Syrian army camp, and from hiking through waterfalls to a 1920 battlefield, you’ve got all your bases covered. Perfect for the whole family, the Galilee is […]

What’s New at the Tel Aviv Museum?

April 2nd 2012

The groundbreaking new wing of the Tel Aviv Museum Tel Aviv, often thought of as the modern face of Israel, has long been a world-renowned center for arts and culture. The White City has proven its place once again with the recently unveiled Herta and Paul Amir Building at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, […]