Catch Some Rays in Eilat

May 13th 2012

If you thought Israel was all arid plains, get ready to be amazed! After a gorgeous drive through the massive, Grand Canyon-like crater of Mitzpe Ramon and the orange-hued Negev Desert, you arrive at Eilat, Israel’s southernmost point. It may be a beach town, but Eilat is far from sleepy. Visitors can sunbathe by day and party all night, and there’s a plethora of activities available for kids and families.

Dolphin Beach is a great place to begin your Eilat experience. If you’ve ever dreamed of swimming with dolphins, here is your opportunity. Instructors gladly take visitors out to meet these friendly mammals, or you can observe their fun – and often funny – antics from floating docks. The private beach is also a wonderful place to while away the day, whether you want to tan, swim, dive, or eat.

You’ve probably heard of scuba diving, but what about sNuba diving? For those who want to try scuba diving but are nervous about intensive training, spending, or overall safety, snuba diving is a great first step. Much like scuba diving, divers are hooked up to air tanks, but the air tank remains on a floating raft at the water’s surface and divers are connected by a six-meter hose. In addition, there is one instructor for every two divers, so you’ll be well taken care of and free to enjoy the gorgeous marine life.

If you want to get a closer look without getting wet, then the Underwater Observation Marine Park is the place for you! The park is home to a shark tank, a turtle and stingray pool, and aquariums, as well as two underwater observatories where you can watch what goes on at the depths of the Red Sea from behind plate glass. Visitors can even take a mini submarine tour in a real life yellow submarine.

Finally, if you need some time out of the sun then head straight to Kings City Eilat, a 40,000-square foot biblical amusement park. People of all ages will get a kick out of this multi-level replica of a palace. Enjoy a boat ride that tells the story of Solomon at King Solomon’s Waterfalls, or test your mind with optical illusions and interactive challenges at the Cave of Illusions and Wisdom. Visitors can even go back in time to walk amongst the Pharaohs in ancient Egypt in the Journey to the Past section. Whether you spend an hour or hours here, you’ll remember it for a lifetime.