Top 5 Reasons to Spend Passover in Israel

March 6th 2012

The Passover Seder traditionally concludes with, “Next year in Jerusalem.” This April, why not say “this year in Jerusalem” and spend one of the most poignant Jewish holidays in the Holy Land? There’s no time more meaningful to book a tour to Israel and experience the religious and cultural offerings of the country.Whether you are visiting for the first time, have come many times before, or want to bring the holiday alive for the family, there is something to keep everyone entertained and fulfilled.

1) Experience a Seder in Israel:matzoh_shutterstock_hero

Fulfill your declaration of “Next year in Israel” by attending a Passover Seder in the holy land. Options are abundant for every budget and taste, from gourmet seders at five star hotels to festive affairs in people’s homes. Give the haggadah new meaning and have an experience you won’t forget.

2) Visit the Western Wall:

Join the tens of thousands of pilgrims, worshippers, and curious onlookers who attend  CholHaMoed services at the Kotel, or Western Wall for the annual priestly blessing. A tradition since the 1970s, the Birkat haKohanim ceremony is a mass blessing attended by Israel’s chief rabbis as well as dignitaries, the police chief, tourists and thousands more.

3) Passover at Mini Israel:

To lighten the mood, there’s nothing like a visit to Mini Israel, a unique attraction with to-scale tiny models of Israel’s most important sites and landmarks. In addition to their regular offerings (3D aerial film of Israel, anyone?), they always have something fun going on for the holiday, from showcasing the biggest matzo in Israel to a live action performance of the Haggadah.

4) Museum Hop:

Passover is a great time to visit museums in Israel as many are often open free of charge to the public at this time and have special events and activities for the holiday. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, with its brand new, hyper-modern Herta and Paul Amir Building is well worth a trip any time of year. This Pesach they have all kinds of activities for kids including “adventure” workshops, children’s shows, and even a children’s theater festival.

5) Springtime in Israel

Besides the cultural and religious reasons to visit Israel during Passover, it’s also simply a gorgeous time of year. Typically the weather is just starting to heat up and the countryside is lush, making it the ideal climate for touring. Whether hiking in the Golan Heights or praying in Jerusalem, it helps to have the weather on your side.