Climb Masada & Dead Sea Float

April 30th 2012

Situated high above the Dead Sea, Masada is a symbol of Jewish heroism and courage that should not be missed on your tour to Israel. Climb or ride to the top to walk amidst the remains of King Herod’s fortress and to experience some of the most sensational views in Israel. Then cool off with a buoyant float in the Dead Sea and a relaxing spa day.

The story of Masada is a powerful one, and there is a reason that this is where Israeli soldiers swear the oath, “Masada shall not fall again.” It was here that nearly 1,000 Jews killed themselves rather than surrender to the Romans in the first century CE. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.

Today visitors can climb the steep snake path or ride in a modern cable car to the top. Once there, they will be amazed to see a perfectly preserved ancient palace and fortress, the construction of which was commissioned by King Herod himself. After the Roman siege, Masada was left untouched and undiscovered until the 1800s, giving modern day viewers considerable insight into the architecture and daily life of the period.

In addition to the religious, cultural, and historical significance of Masada, its high plateau provides visitors one of the most amazing views they will experience on their tour to Israel. As one of the highest points in the area, visitors can see across the Judean Desert, the entirety of the Dead Sea, and across to Jordan. It is truly breathtaking.
After trekking up to the heights of Masada, descend to the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth. With eight times more salt than the ocean, you will be surprised and delighted at how buoyant you are in these healing waters. Cover yourself in mineral-rich Dead Sea mud before entering to get the full effects – your skin will thank you!

While floating in the temperate water, you can take a nap, read the paper, or simply enjoy your spectacular surroundings with Jordan on one side and the Judean mountains on the other. Meditate on the fact that King David and King Herod themselves floated in these waters, as the Dead Sea was one of the world’s earliest health resorts.

A trip to Masada and the Dead Sea is a quintessential experience on your tour to Israel. Where else can you connect with your history in such a meaningful way, and then enjoy a relaxing spa day at one of the world’s most sensational natural wonders?