Luxury in Israel

January 11th 2011

Israel just got more luxurious.Waldorf Astoria 3

The renowned Waldorf Astoria hotel chain is announcing plans to break ground on its second hotel on Israeli soil, this time in Tel Aviv on the beautiful shoreline. Wow wow wow.  But wait- what is a Waldorf Astoria hotel and why are we wowing over it?

The Waldorf Astoria hotel was the ORIGINAL luxury hotel, and the additional hotel chains located in a few, select locations around the world are still famous for their lavish, grand accommodations, opulent style, and fantastic, attentive service.  Basically, for their ability to make you feel like you have a million bucks even if you don’t. And if you do, to make you feel like you have 10 million, you get the point.Waldorf Astoria

So it will come to this- after basking in the light, the sounds, and the frenetic energy of touring in Tel Aviv during the day, come home at night to plush, silken couch cushions, easing your feet in a soothing Jacuzzi, feeling fabulously pampered…. In basic English, “live the life.”

Too much on the edge of your seat to wait for the Tel Aviv construction? The Waldorf Austria hotel in Jerusalem, across from the Mamilla Hotel, held its official grand opening in July 2014. We’re talking a $100 million dollar investment, minutes away from the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

A little Waldorf Astoria history (what’s a trip to the Holy Land without another history lesson, right?) Heir to John Jacob Astor III, William Waldorf Astor built the first Waldorf Hotel on the site of his Fifth Avenue mansion. 13-stories high, this hotel opened in 1893 .The Waldorf in no time flat became THE gathering place for the world’s wealthy and socially elite. Not to be outdone, Waldorf’s Cousin John Jacob Astor 1V built  the prestigious and immensely elegant 17 story Astoria hotel four years later, connecting it to the Waldorf through (what else?) a 300 foot marble corridor. Waldorf- Astoria quickly became a household name amongst the rich and fabulous. In 1949, Conrad N. Hilton of Hilton Hotels bought the chain.Waldorf Astoria 2

Just to highlight how special Israel is- Waldorf Astoria has of yet only 5 other hotels around the world- four of them in the United States, and one in Saudia Arabia. To check them out, visit Other incredible 5-star accommodations in Jerusalem include the Inbal Hotel, the David Citadel, and the King David Hotel.