Anna Ticho House

January 2nd 2011

The Ticho House

Looking for an intimate, sophisticated evening to listen to jazz, sip wine, and indulge in possibly the greatest cheese selection this side of the Mediterranean?? The ambiance and elegance of the Ticho House offers you the heavenly combination of great food and great art under the same roof.

Situated right off the main street of Yafo, you’ll feel transported to another time and place far away from the Ben Yehuda bustle of modern life as you sit in one of the first homes to be built outside of  the  Old City Walls, built in the late 1800’s.

You are privileged to be in the former home of an amazing couple- Austro-Hungarian immigrants Anne and   Dr. Avraham Ticho. Dr. Ticho converted the downstairs into an eye clinic to serve all of the Israeli population, rich and poor alike. Anne became a prolific and acclaimed artist- producing  beautiful works highlighting the landscapes of Israel.   The house was left in their will to be preserved as a public center for art after their passing.

The House can accommodate large buses of tourists. Within it, are current art exhibitions, an exhibition of works by Anna Ticho, a reference library of books about Jerusalem, art, and literature, and a garden café that hosts Tuesday night jazz, Thursday night dinner and music, and Friday morning orchestra.