View Israel by Foot, Top to Bottom

October 14th 2010

Interested in taking a walk through the land of Israel? How about a nearly 600 kilometer walk across the country, from Kibbutz Dan near the Lebanese border to the north all the way down to the Red Sea to the south?

Known as one of the world’s great long long-distance trek, the Israel National Trail (INT), or Shvil Yisrael, enables ambitious walkers and hikers to truly experience Israel’s unique physical, religious, and ethnic landscape.

The trail is well-marked and ranges from easy to challenging. You’ll encounter parts of the trail that are completely out in the wild (keep your eyes peeled for wildlife), as well as small towns and kibbutzim where you’ll be invited in for a good night’s sleep and some home cooked food.
Please note: The INT is not just for Israelis – it’s becoming more and more popular among tourists to take on the trail as well. And of course, you don’t need to commit to the entire trail – choose a section of the country that most interests you and conquer the trail there.