Ancient ports of Israel’s Coast

November 21st 2012

With its strategic location along the Mediterranean coast, it’s no wonder that Israel is home to a number of important ancient ports and cities. From the ancient Roman amphitheater and Christian history at Caesarea to the tactically and scripturally significant biblical mound at Megiddo National Park, and from fascinating Druze villages to a spectacular Mediterranean lookout point, the North of Israel is a pleasure to visit.

At Caesarea National Park, visitors can walk amongst the remains of a magnificent city built by King Herod the Great, which was second only to Jerusalem in its heyday. Caesarea holds an important place in Christendom and became a center of the Christian Roman Empire in the 4th century. Adults and children alike will enjoy exploring the well-preserved Roman amphitheater, 20,000-seat Hippodrome, and aqueducts.

To continue your biblical tour of Israel, head to Megiddo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dating back over 5,000, years this biblical mound was home to an ancient fortified city that has been fought over by Egyptian, Assyrian, and Israeli leaders. According to the Book of Revelation 16:14-21, the site is also identified with Armageddon and the battle of the End of Days.

Get a glimpse at a unique slice of Israeli culture by visiting the Druze villages of Daliat el-Carmel. The Druze are an Arabic-speaking ethnic group that split off from Islam some 1,000 years ago and have been active supporters of the modern state of Israel (they serve in the military, for example). Learn about their history, culture and cuisine with a trip to a village in the beautiful Carmel region.

Finally, there’s no better way to end a day spent in the Galilee than atop the Mount Carmel Lookout Point. Here you’ll find a spectacular view of the Mediterranean and Haifa Bay. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!