Israel’s Best Family Friendly Activities

September 13th 2012

If your upcoming tour to Israel is a family vacation, then get excited, because the country is home to plenty of fun, family-friendly activities. From a miniature recreation of Israel to amusement parks, and from beaches to rafting, there is plenty that the whole family will enjoy.

What’s more family-friendly than a trip to the beach? In Israel you have your choice of prime beach locations, from the aquamarine Mediterranean along the western coast to the super-salty wonder that is the Dead Sea, and from the very southern Red Sea to the freshwater shores of the Sea of Galilee in the north. Each offers entertainment and activities, from spas to water sports, that everyone will enjoy.

For some fun aquatic adventure, head to the Jordan River in the Upper Galilee. Go kayaking or rafting in waters that range from calm and tranquil to choppy and rapid, depending on your skill (and enthusiasm) level. While you float along the biblical river, you can also engage in a fun game of “I spy” as you pass gorgeous cliffs, lush flora and fauna, and even a crusader fortress.

Everyone in the family will enjoy the Tisch Zoological Gardens, known more commonly as the Biblical Zoo, in Jerusalem. Animals are displayed in their natural habitats instead of behind bars, making it an exceptional and wondrous animal visiting experience. There’s also a petting zoo for little ones and even a fun Noah’s Ark-themed play area.

To get a bird’s eye view of the Holy Land, check out Mini Israel, one of the country’s most beloved family-friendly destinations for tourists and locals alike. Sprawling over 7.5 acres, this to-scale model of the country has nearly 400 exact replicas of Israel’s most important sites. Kids and adults alike will get a kick out of feeling like King Kong towering over Jerusalem’s Old City or the Tel Aviv skyline.

If your family enjoys amusement parks, then you won’t want to miss an excursion to Kiftzuba at Kibbutz Tzuba, just 15 minutes outside Jerusalem. Little ones will have fun on mini motorcycle rides or riding the mini train, while everyone loves bumper cars. There’s a petting zoo, huge arcade, carousel, 10 play rooms, a Gymboree, swimming pool and more.

To create a truly memorable family vacation, head south to Eilat’s Dolphin Beach, where you can observe and even swim with dolphins. Whether you want to sit back and watch their playful antics or get in the water for a guided swim with an instructor, it’s sure to be a once in a lifetime experience.