Nightlife in Tel Aviv

September 27th 2012

Tel Aviv is beloved by many as Israel’s city that never sleeps, with a hopping nightlife focused on great music and a fun atmosphere. Partying starts late and ends even later in Tel Aviv. The city has a relaxed, hedonistic and bohemian atmosphere, perfect for meeting new people or hanging out with old friends. Nightlife in Tel Aviv is not just for the young; people of all ages can be found sipping drinks and dancing the night away.

The ultimate club is Haoman 17, which has branches in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The club is beautifully designed and offers the hottest DJs playing contemporary electronic music – mostly trance and techno. The downside is that both the entrance fee and the drinks are pricey. The Cat and the Dog specializes in eclectic music and a busy dance floor. The real action starts here at 1:00 AM, so don’t make it your first stop.

If you are looking for something a little different, Nanuchka is a Georgian restaurant and bar with tasty cuisine and a cheerful vibe. The walls are covered in poetry, and there is usually someone dancing on the bar. Prices can be steep, however.

The city’s mélange of international flavors is reflected in its bar scene. If you prefer an American-style dive pub, one of the most popular is Mike’s Place, featuring large TV screens showing sports games, with live music on many nights. There’s a real English Pub on Allenby Street, which will make you feel like you have stepped out of Tel Aviv and straight into London. If you’re in an Irish mood, visit Molly Bloom, where everything from the beer to the decor has been imported from Ireland.

Israeli-style pubs dot the neighborhoods of Tel Aviv, especially the port area, Dizengoff, Lilenblum and Ibn Gavirol streets.

The Sublet Roof Bar, a bar and lounge located on the roof of a building overlooking the beach, is a must-see in Tel Aviv. The Sublet has the atmosphere of a dance bar, with cool intimate lounges for enjoying the beautiful view. The 223 is a friendly neighborhood cocktail lounge on Dizengoff Street. The style is New York but the homey feel is definitely Israel.

Tel Aviv is known for its great parties. These one-off affairs are often big productions, a cut above the entertainment in bars and pubs. A group called Pacotek announces its parties at Another source for information about parties is .You can also ask locals for help understanding information on parties, as advertised in the Hebrew-language newspapers.