Indoor Activities for Rainy Days

March 1st 2013

The Israel Museum Thanks to the Middle Eastern climate, Israel is a warm, sunny country most of the time, but visitors might still encounter rain or a particularly cold day in the winter. But there’s no need to let the winter weather put a damper on your enjoyment. There are many indoor activities that you can enjoy on days when you prefer to remain indoors.

Yad Vashem

Israel is a country rich in history, and therefore also rich in museums. In Jerusalem, the newly renovated Israel Museum and nearby Bible Lands Museum offer hours of educational entertainment. Nearby, the Bloomfield Science Museum is geared toward both adults and children. The Tower of David, which is housed in a stone fortress with many cavernous indoor spaces, tells the story of the history of Jerusalem over the millennia, while Yad Vashem commemorates the Holocaust poignantly and thoroughly. For something a little different, view the exhibits of life in Gush Katif at the Gush Katif Museum.

Western Wall Tunnels Tour

Some of the Old City sites can be seen in the rain as well. The Hurva Synagogue and the Four Sephardic Synagogues are windows into the history of the Jewish Quarter. The Western Wall Tunnels are a good rainy day activity, but remember that tours here need to be booked in advance.

Diaspora Museum TourOn a rainy day in Tel Aviv, consider checking out cultural institutions that offer glimpses into the establishment of the State of Israel. Start with a visit to the Hagana or Palmach Museum to learn about the military groups who fought for the liberation of Palestine. See the site of the Declaration of Independence at Independence Hall, and pop over to the Ben Gurion House for a view into the life of the first Israeli prime minister.

To get a feel for Israel’s innovative technology, arrange a visit to the Better Place headquarters. Better Place is focused on moving the world away from gas-driven vehicles and toward electric cars.

If you find yourself in Haifa on a rainy day, check out the Hecht Museum, which houses artifacts from the biblical period. The museum is part of Haifa University, one of Israel’s eight universities. The National Museum of Science, Technology and Space teaches a range of scientific concepts. The Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery tells the story of an order founded in the Crusader period and existing until today.

Rain in Israel is always a blessing, as the country’s water supply is almost entirely dependent on rainwater filling the Sea of Galilee. So even if you get a little wet, remember that Israel needs the water!