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December 25th 2013

4,000 years of history, religion, war, culture – a guided tour is the only way to experience Israel! Professional tour guides in Israel are trained & licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism. Contact us today to book your trip to Israel on one of our inspiring guided tours!

Classic Venues for Your Outdoor Bar or Bat Mitzvah

December 11th 2013

If your family is dreaming of celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel, it’s important to consider that some Israeli venues are more iconic than others. It’s certainly possible to find meaning and enjoy your experience at any number of spots, but for the classic Bar or Bat Mitzvah experience, you may want to […]

Helicopter Crash Memorial near Kibbutz Daphne

December 11th 2013

Located adjacent to the cemetery of Kibutz Dafna in the upper Galilee, the heartbreaking Helicopter Crash Memorial consists of 73 large stone structures. Each of these represents one of the Israel Defense Forces soldiers who was tragically killed in transit, on his way to duty in Southern Lebanon in 1997, when two helicopters collided. The […]

Teen-friendly Fun for Bar and Bat Mitzvah Trips

December 11th 2013

When you bring your teen to Israel for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration experience, you’ll want to include a few just-for-fun activities to go along with the family celebration. This will keep all members of your group enjoying the entire experience, as you alternate between items on the itinerary that are meaningful, historical, spiritual […]

The Perfect Place for Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah Ceremony

December 11th 2013

There is no more sentimental, meaningful or evocative place to hold a Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony in Israel than in the Old City of Jerusalem. Since the Kotel, also known as the Western Wall, is considered the holiest place in the world for Jews, it’s a perfect choice for a venue where your family […]

Second Lebanon War Memorial near Kibbutz Kfar Giladi

November 25th 2013

Kibbutz Kfar Giladi is located along Israel’s border with Lebanon, above the Hula Valley. The story behind the Second Lebanon War Memorial located nearby is connected to the story of what happened there in 1920. The Battle of Tel Chai, considered the very first battle in the Arab-Israeli conflict, took place on March 1, 1920 […]

Mitzpor Eitan Memoriel & Lookout

November 20th 2013

A moving memorial to a Moshav Ramot Naftali resident slain in Lebanon in 1999, Mitzpor Eitan overlooks the Galilee’s picturesque Hula Valley, with the peaks of the Golan Heights visible beyond. Visitors to Israel quickly learn how the State of Israel has been forced to defend her very existence over the course the country’s entire […]

Otzar HaStam of Tzfat

November 13th 2013

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary but spiritually significant to do on a Bar Mitzvah or family tour of Israel, make sure the Otzar HaStam Visitors’ Center appears on your itinerary. Founded in 2010 in a northern neighborhood of Tzfat, the Otzar HaStam’s multimillion-dollar Visitors’ Center was designed to introduce visitors to […]

Why A Visit to Masada Is Essential For Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah Trip

November 13th 2013

Whether you’re traveling to Israel to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah with a large group or a small number of friends and family members, a visit to Masada is essential. In recent generations, the desert fortress of Masada, rich with symbolism of Jewish identity’s strength, has been a magnet for honoring the Bar […]

Mitzpe Shalom Lookout in the Golan

November 10th 2013

Mitzpe Shalom, also known as Peace Lookout or Peace Vista, offers what is hands-down the most spectacular view you’ll find in Israel’s Southern Golan. Located next to Kibbutz Kfar Haruv, from here you can readily spot the coastline of the entire Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). Across the Kinneret lies the city of Tiberias, easily viewed […]

Bee and Honey Farm – Kfar Chabad

November 10th 2013

If you’re looking for a multi-media experience that’s both fun and educational for children during your tour of Israel, don’t miss the sweetness of the Bee and Honey Farm. Known in Hebrew as M’Achoray Hadvash, which literally means “behind the honey,” the Bee and Honey Farm is located just a few miles from Ben Gurion […]

Beresheet Appl Farm Tour Golan Heights

November 10th 2013

When it comes to agricultural tourism in Israel, it’s all happening in the lush green orchards of the Golan. A great place to start your fruit expeditions is at the Beresheet Visitors’ Center, adjacent to the Perot HaGolan fruit packing house near kibbutz Merom Golan. Beresheet is the largest fruit packing house in Israel and […]

Gilgal Refaim in the Golan Heights

November 7th 2013

There’s something giant and mysterious in the Golan Heights. Gilgal Refaim, also known as Rujm el-Hiri in Arabic, has been called the Stonehenge of the Middle East. Located 10 miles east of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), it’s a man-made stone formation in the shape of concentric circles. Archeologists believe the structure, which was created […]

Tel Chai Court

November 2nd 2013

For those interested in the history of the British Palestine Mandate era, which spanned from the end of World War I until the founding of Israel in 1948, the Tel Chai Court and Museum is a must-see. Located in Kibbutz Kfar Giladi in the Upper Galilee, the museum tells the story of the famous battle […]

Beit Shean Ruins

November 1st 2013

Located in Northern Israel where the Jordan River Valley and the Jezreel Valley meet, Beit She’an is one of Israel’s most ancient cities – no small feat in a nation known for its antiquities. Scholars believe that the history of Beit She’an goes back 5,000 years. After many centuries of conquest, earthquakes and rebuilding, today, […]

Sultan’s Pool

October 23rd 2013

Often overlooked by tourists, Sultan’s Pool is an archaeological site that provides insight into Jerusalem’s public works needs throughout the millennia. Today, Sultan’s Pool serves as one of Jerusalem’s most popular major venues for summer concerts and cultural festivals. Named for the sovereign rulers of the Ottoman Empire, Sultan’s Pool was originally used to provide […]

The Peace Forest

October 23rd 2013

An expansive green space that surrounds one of Jerusalem’s most picturesque sots, the Peace Forest was established by Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF) in 1967, at the end of the Six Day War. It lies on the border between the mixed neighborhood of Abu Tor and the Jewish neighborhood of Talpiot in […]

Reuniting Jerusalem in 1967

October 11th 2013

When Israel became a state in 1948, the city of Jerusalem was divided in two. Israel had dominion over the western sections of the Holy City, while eastern Jerusalem, including the Old City, was in Jordanian hands. This all changed during the Six Day War of 1967, when Israel reunified the city. Today, the sites […]

The YMCA Building

October 11th 2013

Considered by many to be the most striking YMCA building in the world, the Jerusalem YMCA stands directly opposite the world-class King David Hotel on King David Street in the city center. It houses the YMCA Three Arches Hotel, an indoor swimming pool, squash courts, a library and an in-house restaurant. Designed by Arthur Louis […]

The Rechavia Neighborhood

September 30th 2013

Jerusalem’s Rechavia Neighborhood of dates back to the 1920s, when it was founded on land that belonged to the Greek Orthodox Church. The plan was to build a tranquil garden neighborhood in the midst of the city center, modeled after the garden cities of Europe. To maintain this vision, commercial property is only found on […]