Israel’s Top Sound and Light Shows

September 10th 2013

Sound and light shows are powerful ways to connect history, technology and entertainment, with many of Israel’s top touring spots making compelling offerings. Here’s the lowdown on three of the very best multimedia projection extravaganzas on offer in Israel.

Tower of David Night Spectacular

Right past the Jaffa Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem stands the Tower of David Citadel. When darkness descends, the stones of the archeological excavations become a stage for telling the story of Jerusalem’s 3000 years of history. Designed to be politically impartial, the narrative, which spans ancient to modern times, is relayed without words, making it ideal for all audiences. This sound and spectacular light show, known by the literal moniker The Night Spectacular, is presented with the assistance of nearly 60 projectors, video players, computers and loudspeakers.

Guests sit outdoors in rows facing the ancient walls. The story is communicated using images and music. Every era in the life of Jerusalem is portrayed against the stones, coming into focus and fading as each successive conquering culture comes to Jerusalem. Note that the air can be chilly in Jerusalem in the evenings, even in the summer months, so dress accordingly.

Masada Night Light & Sound Show

Masada Light & Sound ShowOn the way to the southern Dead Sea, the Masada fortress towers over the landscape. Two nights a week, from March until October, the western side of Masada is transformed into a remarkable sound and light show that relays the narrative of the Jews who held on to Masada against a Roman siege during the time of the Second Temple’s destruction.

The sound and light show here features dramatic music and fireworks which help tell the tale of intrigue that played out on top of Masada. This compelling show makes the courage of the historic standoff, and of the fortress of Masada itself, come alive.

Caesarea Time Tower Movie

Caesarea Time Tower ShowIn the first century BCE, King Herod built the Mediterranean port city of Caesarea, intending for it to serve as a paean to Roman culture. Indeed, Caesarea was a major hub in ancient times. The port alone took the master builder Herod 12 years to complete.

Today, an interactive 3D sound and light show narrates the story of Caesarea and introduces some of the major personalities who played a role in the development of the urban center. The sound and light show in Caesarea is especially known for being appropriate even for young children.