Packing Food for the Needy at Chabad Terror Victims Project

April 21st 2013

Packing Food for NeedyIf you’re looking for a truly meaningful hand-on activity for your next trip to Israel, consider volunteering for the Chabad Terror Victims Project. Established with the goal of assisting victims of terror and war in Israel in every way possible – economically, logistically, spiritually and emotionally – this initiative responds to terror attacks wherever they occur in Israel, providing whatever terror victims need to get back on their feet. There is also a division of the Chabad Terror Victims Project that meets the special needs of Israeli soldiers who were wounded during their service defending the people of Israel.

Among the many services they provide, the Chabad Terror Victims Project delivers special parcels to needy families and victims of terror, filled with items necessary to celebrate the Jewish holidays. They distribute 20,000 food packages, including fresh chickens, at Rosh Hashana time, mishloach manot gift baskets at Purim time, wine and matzah deliveries for Passover and menorahs and dreidels at Chanukah time.

Specially arranged groups of volunteers come together to assemble the food packages and get them ready for delivery to individuals and families throughout Israel. The project works with affected families for as long as needed – weeks, months, years or even decades. One of its most enduring traditions is to prepare and send mishloach manot gift baskets for Purim to widows of Israeli soldiers who were killed during the Six Day War in 1967 and the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

As you’re planning your Israel trip itinerary, check with Shalom Israel Tours about the possibility of booking a day at the Chabad Terror Victims Project food packing center. The food packing center is located in Ashdod, on the Mediterranean coast, less than 20 miles south of Tel Aviv. Through the Chabad Terror Victims Project, Shalom Israel Tours can also arrange for your group, including communities, youth groups and  synagogues, to meet with terror victims during their visit to Israel. Ask Shalom Israel Tours how you and your group can do something meaningful for the people of Israel in conjunction with the project.