Top sites to visit in the Binyamin region

March 17th 2013

Nahal Prat The Binyamin region is situated north of Jerusalem and it is here that many of the events immortalized by their biblical accounts took place. Abraham, Joshua and Jeremiah walked the hills of Binyamin, and it was the home of the Tabernacle for 365 years.

Before the Temple in Jerusalem was built, the Tabernacle was set up in Shiloh when the Hebrews first arrived in the homeland, and it stayed there for most of the period of the Book of Judges. Today, archaeological excavations at Shiloh have uncovered the exact location of the structure. Byzantine archaeological remains, including a church, have been excavated as well. Guided tours are available, and on school vacations there are often festivals featuring street actors and biblical art workshops.

Nearby, Nahal Shiloh offers a hike through vineyards and valleys, to a natural spring which has been widened into a pool.
Genesis LandNahalat Binyamin is a winery that tells the story of the entire region. Multimedia presentations take the audience through biblical history until modern times, with a focus on the strategic and security importance of Binyamin. See the wine barrels lined up in a large hall and learn about the relationship between man and the land and the special wine that is grown and fermented in the Binyamin region.

Ein Prat is a national park situated on the border between Binyamin and the Dead Sea region. This was the area where Jeremiah the prophet lived and worked. The park features natural pools, streams, waterfalls and eucalyptus trees. Take a picnic and swim in the water, or do some rock climbing.

A little further into the desert, Eretz Breishit (Genesis Land) recreates daily life in the biblical period. You are greeted by Eliezer, servant of Abraham, in a biblical tent. Wear ancient clothing, bake fresh pita, and ride a camel through the desert. Create pottery or a mosaic, and learn to write on parchment. The Bible comes alive through music, art and food.