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5 Popular Kosher Restaurants in Tel Aviv

December 27th 2018

After a busy day touring Tel Aviv and the surrounding region, there’s nothing nicer than to relax in a sophisticated restaurant in front of a delicious meal. There’s no shortage of high quality kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv, each with distinctive menus, signature styles, interior designs, and culinary vibes. If you’re looking for great kosher […]

5 Fun Factory Tours to Enjoy When Visiting Israel

December 20th 2018

When we think of factories, we usually imagine dull production lines closed off to the public and places not normally associated with tourism. And in most cases, this is true. However, in Israel, there are several fun factory tours accessible to visitors. These tours provide fascinating insights into the production and packaging of often internationally […]

5 Things to See and Do Near the Israeli Parliament Building

December 13th 2018

For many visitors to Jerusalem, especially those with an interest in the modern State, the Israeli Parliament Building (known locally as the Knesset) is one of the most popular tourist attractions outside the city walls. Situated on a hilltop in the western Jerusalem neighborhood of Givat Ram, the Knesset building can be seen from afar […]

Crusader-era Castles in Israel: 5 Sites to Visit

December 3rd 2018

Between the 11th and 13th centuries, a number of Christian Crusades (religiously inspired military expeditions) arrived in the Holy Land. The goal of the Christians in the first crusade was to conquer Jerusalem and make it their own. Over the decades and centuries that followed, the balance of power would shift constantly between the Crusading […]

7 Stunning Caves and Tunnels to Explore in Israel

November 28th 2018

When visiting Israel, there’s no shortage of fascinating things to see and do on the surface. The country is rich with history, cultures, vibrant cities, architecture, culinary delights, and geographical beauty. Yet there’s also a wealth of things to explore below ground. Throughout the country there are ancient caves and tunnels, dug both by natural […]

5 Interesting Jerusalem Neighborhoods to Visit

November 21st 2018

When you think of the city of Jerusalem you probably imagine the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, the Mount of Olives and the ancient winding streets of the Old City. Yet outside the walls, there are also a variety of interesting Jerusalem neighborhoods to visit, each with its distinctive vibe and fascinating stories. During the […]

Things to See and Do in Israel’s Jordan Valley

November 15th 2018

The Jordan Valley is a beautiful part of Israel that stretches from the Sea of Galilee in the north to the Dead Sea in the south. Forming part of the larger geographical depression known as the Jordan Rift Valley, the area, and the river itself, forms the boundary between Israel and Jordan. There are a […]

Beautiful Hiking Trails in Israel

November 8th 2018

One of the best ways to explore the beautiful landscapes of Israel and sites of historical interest is by going on a hike. Hiking trails are numerous in Israel and are varied in length, duration, and difficulty. One moment you can be walking through a forest and the next exploring the ancient ruins of a […]

6 Places to View Beautiful Sunsets in Israel

October 29th 2018

Israel is blessed with beautiful landscapes, rich cultures, ancient cities, and above all of these, the most stunning of sunsets. Every evening during your stay in the Holy Land, you’ll get to witness the most spectacular skies, filled with color. Throughout the ages, the setting of the sun has ushered in the beginning and ending […]

5 Activities for Blind Visitors to Israel

October 25th 2018

For the blind or partially sighted, travel can be a daunting prospect. When planning your travels to Israel you might be wondering where to take a blind friend or family member. After all, Israel is famous for its visual beauty, whether in the form of landscapes or ancient cities. Yet for the blind person, these […]

Things to See and Do in Israel’s Negev Desert

October 17th 2018

Israel’s Negev Desert is not usually high on the average tourist’s itinerary. And this is a shame as there are plenty of things to see and do in this vast desert region. Covering most of southern Israel, from Beersheba down to Eilat, the Negev has a rich history and a wide variety of flora and […]

5 Great Locations for Birdwatching in Israel

October 8th 2018

Every year, millions of birds migrate through Israel, to and from their Eurasian breeding grounds. Birdwatchers and ornithologists from around the world flock to watch these migrations as they happen. Thanks to Israel’s unique position as a meeting point between three different continents, there’s a huge diversity of bird species to be viewed. During the […]

7 Reasons Why Photographers Fall in Love with Israel

October 4th 2018

Israel is a perfect vacation destination for photographers, whether professional or amateur. Many people who visit Israel quickly fall in love with the scenery and features of this vibrant little country. There’s so much beauty to be viewed, wherever you look. From the rolling hills of the Golan to the stunning Mediterranean coastline, there’s an […]

5 Places in Israel to View Animals in the Wild

September 25th 2018

There’s something truly authentic about viewing animals in the wild, in their natural habitats. In Israel there are several places you can view these animals away from the constraints of traditional zoos. Across western society in general, there’s a growing trend against viewing animals in confined spaces or as part of performances. While many zoos […]

5 Luxury Eilat Hotels Overlooking the Red Sea

September 17th 2018

Some of Israel’s most beautiful beaches can be found in the southern city of Eilat. Tourists from near and far flock to the Red Sea to enjoy numerous leisure activities from swimming and snorkeling to camel riding and trekking through the nearby desert. It’s for this reason, there are many luxury Eilat hotels to choose […]

7 Beautiful Art Galleries in Israel

September 11th 2018

Something many new visitors to Israel soon notice are the many beautiful art galleries and exhibitions to be found throughout the country. The art on display is also so varied in style and origin. This mirrors the many different cultural influences brought with the diaspora Jews who returned to Israel over the last century, as […]

5 Fun Tel Aviv Attractions for Teenagers

September 3rd 2018

What are some fun attractions for teenagers in Tel Aviv? The teenage years are the bridge between childhood and adulthood. In this sense, it can be difficult to know what teens will find interesting when visiting a new city. They’re no longer interested in kids’ things, but they’ll still get bored doing what you might, […]

5 Forests in Israel with Fascinating Stories

August 27th 2018

Among the most beautiful places to visit in Israel are the nation’s many forests, each of which contain a diverse range of flora, fauna, and historical sites of interest. For such a small country, much of which is desert, Israel has an amazingly diverse landscape, and the forests in Israel are testament to the careful […]

6 Fun Activities for Children in Jerusalem

August 20th 2018

Jerusalem is a fascinating city full of religious meaning, cultural significance, and ancient history. For adults, the city holds numerous attractions and wonderful places to visit. For children, the old walls, cobbled streets, and markets can potentially become a little boring after a while. They need something more interactive and engaging to hold their interest. […]

Beautiful Nature Reserves Found Along the Coast of Israel

August 13th 2018

There are many beautiful nature reserves to be found right across Israel. Some of the most interesting are those located along the ancient coastline. Israel – and indeed the Jewish people – have a long tradition of nurturing and caring for the natural world and surrounding ecosystems. This is evident in how well the natural […]

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