6 Stunningly Beautiful Locations in Israel’s Golan Heights

January 16th 2019

Israel’s Golan Heights region, in the north east of the country, is marked by beautiful rolling green hills, rocky plateaus, and numerous streams, valleys, and hot springs. It’s both distinctive and spectacular, and it’s for this reason it’s a popular destination for Israelis and tourists alike.

There are so many adventures to be enjoyed in the Golan Heights. Visitors can enjoy long walks through stunning countryside, hikes along ancient pathways, climbs up challenging mountains, and even skiing on the snowy spring slopes of Mount Hermon.

Then there’s rafting, swimming, camping, and the exploration of historical ruins. Plus, getting up close to the diverse range of flora and fauna, including eagles, deer, ibex, and hyrax. And it would be remiss not to mention the many splendid sun-soaked wineries and vacation cabins dotted about the place.

We’re truly in love with the Golan Heights and here are 6 beautiful places we’d love to take you:

Banias Falls Nature Reserve

The most impressive waterfall in Israel can be found in the Banias Falls Nature Reserve, located between the Hula Valley and Mount Hermon. The waterfall is surrounded by beautiful woodland and can be accessed easily on foot via walking trails. Within the reserve there are also springs, streams, and a variety of ancient ruins including a temple built by King Herod.

Tel Dan National Park

Named after the Biblical Tribe of Dan, the Tel Dan National Park is a sprawling nature reserve featuring beautiful rivers, wading pools, and walking trails. The area has huge historical significance, being the site of the Biblical city of Laish (the ancient capital of the Northern Kingdom). There are several fascinating ancient ruins to view including what might be the oldest archaeological site in all of Israel.

Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon, despite the name, is a cluster of mountain peaks and ridges. It’s the highest point in all of Israel and for much of the winter and spring the upper parts are covered in snow. This makes it a popular destination for foreign skiers and Israeli snow lovers. Mount Hermon is also a great bird watching location and the area features some wonderful walking trails, jeep tours, and overnight stays.

Nimrod Fortress

The largest Crusader-era fortress in Israel is in the Golan Heights. Nimrod Fortress is an impressive medieval Ayyubid castle very close to Mount Hermon. It’s situated on a forested peak and overlooks the surrounding land for miles around, hence its importance to both the Crusaders and Muslims in centuries past. It’s a stunning site to visit both for archeological and architectural reasons, and also just for the sheer beauty of the views.

Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve

More stunning waterfalls and eye-catching rock-formations can be viewed in the Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve, in the central Golan Heights. The reserve features rocky canyons interspersed with green forests comprised of Mt Tabor oak trees. There are several walking trails, of various difficulties. These provide you with the chance to spot some of the wild animals there including gazelles, porcupines, and eagles, among many others.

Mitzpe Shalom Lookout in the Golan

One of the best places to view the beautiful landscapes of the southern Golan Heights is via the Mitzpe Shalom Lookout (also known as the Peace Vista). Located next to Kibbutz Kfar Haruv, the lookout allows you amazing views over the entire Kinneret lake, as well as across the Galilee region towards the city of Tzfat (Safed), the Jordan Valley, Mount Meron, and Mount Tavor.