5 Interesting Things to See Near the Tel Aviv Seafront

January 9th 2019

Tel Aviv’s seafront is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Israel’s second city. The modern and vibrant city is located on one of the region’s most beautiful sun-soaked coastlines and is an ideal place for a swim in the warm clear sea. With restaurants, cafes, parks, and historical sites along the promenades, you can easily spend a whole day enjoying the sea views and cityscapes.

There are also several great attractions to visit within a short walk (5-10 minutes) of the Tel Aviv seafront, and these include:

The Old Tel Aviv Port Area

Also known as Namal Tel Aviv, the Tel Aviv port area is a recently redeveloped complex of cafes, boutique stores, restaurants, and nightlife venues. It’s a flourishing part of the city, especially after dark, and is popular with tourists and locals alike. It’s on the site of the old Tel Aviv port which was an important entry point to Israel during the independence era. It fell into disuse for several decades before being revitalized to great success at the turn of the century. It’s a great place to shop, dine, cycle, and walk while watching the waves roll in.

Ben Gurion House

Ben Gurion House, situated a few minutes’ walk from the seafront, on Ben-Gurion Boulevard, was the family home of Israel’s first prime minister. David Ben-Gurion, who became prime minister in 1949, lived in the house between 1931 and 1953. Today, the modest house dating from the early 1930s, is pretty much as he left it and provides a fascinating insight into the great man himself and the events of Israel’s early years. Visitors can view the private rooms of his family as well as his library (containing over 20,000 books) and numerous memorabilia and historical documents.

The Old Train Station

The old Tel Aviv-Jaffo train station, also known as HaTachana (The Station), is a renovated area that’s the site of the region’s first rail terminus, built in 1892. The old-line linked Jerusalem with the ancient coastal city of Jaffa. Today, the rejuvenated entertainment complex, just adjacent to the beautiful Neve Tzedek neighborhood, features cafes, restaurants, upmarket stores, street performances, and art exhibits, as well as a number of historical points of interest.

Israel Defense Forces History Museum

Next to HaTachana (as mentioned above) is the Israel Defense Forces History Museum. Just a few minutes’ walk from the beach, the IDF museum tells the story of Israel’s military history, from the early Zionist period to the present day. The museum, located in a complex formerly used by the British Army during the Mandate period, features an array of vehicles and armor, including tanks, trucks, Uzi submachine guns, Galil rifles, and a whole lot more.

Unfortunately, the museum doesn’t have a lot of information in English but if you’re somewhat familiar with Israel’s military history then this is an interesting museum to visit.


Any tour of Tel Aviv’s seafront and surrounding areas wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the jewel that is Jaffa. Located in the southern part of Tel Aviv-Jaffo, the ancient port city can be seen clearly from the coastline of Tel Aviv, situated as it is on a high ridge. The port city has been inhabited since before the Bronze Age and has been home to countless peoples and cultures throughout many millennia.

Today, Jaffa is a wonderful place to view the ancient architecture of the city, as well as sample the different cultural experiences (both Jewish and Arab), and an array of galleries, theaters, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and promenades.