5 Popular Kosher Restaurants in Tel Aviv

December 27th 2018

After a busy day touring Tel Aviv and the surrounding region, there’s nothing nicer than to relax in a sophisticated restaurant in front of a delicious meal. There’s no shortage of high quality kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv, each with distinctive menus, signature styles, interior designs, and culinary vibes.

If you’re looking for great kosher food when visiting Tel Aviv, then the following high-end restaurants are ones to check out. They feature mouthwatering dishes with a wide variety of food inspired both by traditional Jewish cuisines as well as world flavors. And all these are complemented with wines, spirits, and beers made right here in Israel.

Here are 5 popular kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv we think you should try:

West Side

West Side is a high class gourmet restaurant situated on the Tel Aviv seafront and with views, through large windows, across the Mediterranean. The restaurant forms part of the luxury Royal Beach Hotel but is also open to the general public. The menu is diverse, fully kosher, and includes fish, meat, and vegetarian cuisines. All the food is exquisitely presented. There’s also a rich wine menu.

Address: HaYarkon St 19.

Hours: Sun-Thu | 7pm-11pm


The beautiful Lumina restaurant is located within the luxury Carlton Hotel just next to the Tel Aviv Marina. Run by renowned Israeli chef Meir Adoni, the kosher restaurant features delicious foods in different categories including modern interpretations of traditional Jewish cuisines (incl. Gefilte Fish) and classic brasserie dishes. There’s also a bakery and a sizeable cocktail menu.

Address: 10 Eliezer Peri St. Tel Aviv

Hours: Sun-Thu | 6pm-11pm


Near to the Tel Aviv Museum of Arts is a nice kosher meat grill restaurant aptly named Meatos. It’s a perfect setting for meat lovers with a large diverse meat menu and a full range of courses. From fillet steak with fois gras to burgers, lamb kebabs, and chicken tortillas, there’s a delicious mouthwatering choice for every meat enthusiast. Kosher food at a high level of quality. And the desserts are equally good.

Address: 2 Weitzman Street, Tel Aviv

Hours: Sun-Thu | from 12 noon onwards

Hayarkon 99

A short walk from the promenade and situated within the luxury Dan Hotel is the Hayarkon 99 restaurant. It provides a quiet and intimate setting (just 40 guests at a time) with attentive service. The fully kosher menu has a variety of creative dishes inspired from world cuisines including Middle Eastern, European, and Asian. All the dishes are beautifully presented and include things like rare roasted veal and seared sirloin steak.

Address: 99 Hayarkon St, Tel Aviv

Hours: Sun-Thu | 6:30pm-10:30pm


For fine kosher dining complemented with exquisite interior décor, then the Aubergine restaurant is a great choice. Situated within the David InterContinental Hotel near the Charles Clore beach park, the luxury hotel-restaurant provides a beautiful setting in which to enjoy culinary indulgence. The creative contemporary menu is ever-changing and is inspired by traditional Jewish and Mediterranean dishes. Israeli kosher wines, delicious desserts, and splendid sea views, make this a food lovers paradise.

Address: 12 Kaufman St, Tel Aviv