5 Places to Visit Near Rabin Square in Tel Aviv

July 9th 2019

Ron Henzel [CC BY-SA 3.0]

On November 4, 1995, in the Kings of Israel Square in Tel Aviv, a horrific event took place. Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated at the end of a peace rally, shocking the nation and the world. Shortly after the tragedy, the square in which the rally took place was renamed Rabin Square. 

Today, this famous large public square, in the very center of Israel’s second city, is the setting for numerous public events including parades, celebrations, protests, and vigils. It’s also a popular tourist destination for international visitors to Tel Aviv.

Rabin Square, once simply a large paved area, has been beautified over recent decades and features trees, fountains, sculptures, picnic benches, and even a park for dogs. What’s more, the square is also within short walking distance of some other places we think you’ll find very interesting and which are well worth a visit. 

These include: 

Yigal Tumarkin’s Holocaust Memorial

In the southern part of Rabin Square is an incredible inverted pyramid sculpture, called Holocaust and Revival. It was designed in 1975 by the renowned (albeit sometimes controversial) Israeli artist Igael Tumarkina as a memorial to the victims of the Shoah. It’s unmissable when you’re standing in the square and symbolizes the path from horror to joyful freedom.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

A little under 10 minutes’ walk away from Rabin Square is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. It’s the city’s largest museum and features a diverse range of contemporary and classical artwork. The museum’s modern collections contain notable pieces from the likes of Picasso, Pollock, Klimt, Kandinsky, and Lichtenstein, and spans the major art movements including Fauvism, Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, and Surrealism. A must-see for art lovers. 

Ben-Gurion House

On the way to the beach from Rabin Square, via Sderot Ben Gurion, you’ll pass the former home of Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion. It was his residence from 1931 to 1968, and today is a museum dedicated to his memory. The house has largely been preserved just as he and his family left it, with their rooms offering a fascinating insight into their world. 

Ben Gurion House also includes memorabilia from his eventful life as well as his amazing library, with over twenty-thousand books.  

Dizengoff St., Shenken St. & Rothchilde Ave

Within short walks from Rabin Square are three famous Israeli streets which are a magnet to tourists and Israelis alike. And for good reason. Dizengoff Street, Shenken Street, and Rothschild Boulevard are the Tel Aviv equivalents of Fifth Avenue and Avenue des Champs-Élysées. In other words, attractive thoroughfares featuring swanky boutiques, smart coffee shops, luxury clothes stores, and intriguing galleries. 

These are fantastic streets to visit if you need to get some shopping done and/or love to sit and people watch with a delicious coffee and cake. 

Azrieli Observatory

Rabin Square offers a fascinating glimpse into the social society of Tel Aviv. But if you want to see an overview of Tel Aviv in the physical sense, then you need to head to the nearby Azrieli Observatory. It’s a 20-minute walk and you pass by the aforementioned Dizengoff Street on the way. 

The observatory is located on the 49th floor of the Azrieli building, part of a huge commercial shopping center, and provides visitors with stunning views across the entire region.