Where to Take Great Photos in Haifa

August 30th 2019

The ancient city of Haifa, situated on the slopes of Mount Carmel in northern Israel, affords visitors an array of great photo opportunities. Perched on a mountainside overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, Israel’s third city contains both resplendent photogenic backdrops and a fascinating cultural mix of peoples and sights. 

Haifa is home to both Jews and Arabs, as well as Druze and Baha’i minorities. The city is often held up as an example of peaceful coexistence. This beautiful mix of cultures adds vibrancy to this busy working port city. With a history stretching back more than 3000 years and with an important role in the modern State’s narrative, Haifa is a must-see city to visit and photograph. 

So where are some great places to take photos in Haifa? 

Some of our favorite photo-friendly sites include: 

The Baha’i Gardens

Perhaps the most beautiful and iconic setting in the entire city is the Baha’i Gardens. It’s home to the Baha’i World Center, the most holy site of the Baha’i faith. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Gardens form a stunning blanket of color rising up the slope of Mount Carmel. The splendid dome of the Shine of the Bab, together with the tiered ornate terraces and steps, make this a truly magnificent photographic setting.

The Carmel Ridge 

The most amazing views of Haifa are to be enjoyed on top of the Carmel Mountain range. From here you can see right across the city and the Bay of Haifa. You’ll see the huge seaport and the variety of shipping that enter and leave this vital sea entrance to the modern State of Israel. Another amazing sight is the resplendent Baha’i Gardens unfurled below you and the fascinating European-style architecture of the German Colony at its foot. 

Day or night, the Carmel Ridge is a perfect place to take stunning snapshots. 

The Haifa Cable Car

The easiest and most visually engaging way to reach the Carmel Ridge is via the Haifa Cable Car. Comprised of three orange spheres, with 360-degree glass windows, the cable cars take visitors up and down the slope of Mount Carmel. It begins at sea level on the Bat Galim Promenade and ends at the Stella Maris outlook in the Carmelite Monastery at the top. 

During the 5-minute ride, you’ll have plenty of time to take some great shots of the sun-coated city, the Gardens, the port, and the shimmering sea. 

Haifa’s Museums

Haifa is home to a number of popular museums. Each provides visitors with fun photo opportunities next to some amazing exhibits and nearby scenery. The most renowned museum in the city is Israel’s National Museum of Science. Housed in an impressive looking building in the very center of the city, the museum is a must-see if you want to learn more about the technical and scientific achievements originating in Israel. 

Other great museums to visit in the city include the Clandestine Immigration and Navy Museum and the National Maritime Museum.

The Dan Carmel Hotel

Finally, if you’re looking for a great place to stay overnight in Haifa, which also happens to be a photographer’s paradise, then check out the Dan Carmel Hotel. Many of the rooms offer guests a stunning view across Haifa Bay and the surrounding hillsides, as well as attractive amenities including a heated swimming pool, elegant gardens, luxurious interior décor, and more.