Things to see and do around Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

July 2nd 2018

To Israelis, it’s known as Lake Kinneret. To people around the world, it’s known as the Sea of Galilee. Whatever the name you give it, the Kinneret lake is one of the most impressive geographical features in the region.

The area has a rich and long history, and is widely regarded as being the location of the earliest permanent human settlements in the world. Today, the largest freshwater reservoir in Israel is the backdrop to Israeli recreation and international tourism.

There are numerous things to see and do around the Kinneret and we’ve brought together just a few of the activities you can enjoy when you tour the area.

Lake Kinneret

The lake itself is home to a variety of water-based activities including kayaking, canoeing, and wind surfing. There are three separate water amusement parks where you can swim in a safe environment. You can also arrange to board a floating restaurant or a nightclub yacht.

Walking and Biking Trails

Surrounding the Kinneret are a number of walking and biking trails which provide you with wonderful views across the waters. There’s a 60km trail (Shvil Sovev Kinneret) that circles the beautiful lake in its entirety and is a great all-day activity for cyclists. There’s also a bus which takes you directly to the various Kinneret beaches.

Hamat Gader Hot Springs

The Kinneret is well-known for its hot springs due to its position within the Jordan Rift Valley which is where two continental plates meet. Many of the thermo-mineral springs are safe for human enjoyment and have been used for thousands of years.

The Hamat Gader Hot Springs spa is a few kilometers southeast of the lake and includes a number of springs as well as a hot 100F waterfall. Here you can enjoy luxury bathing, therapeutic treatments, pampering massages, and a nice suite hotel. You can also visit the alligator and exotic bird reserve nearby.

Arbel National Park

The Arbel National Park and Nature Reserve features a stunning vertical cliff which towers over the area, providing visitors with amazing views across the lake, Mount Hermon, and the Golan Heights. The park is beautiful both for its scenery and diversity of habitats, where unique species can be found.

There are also fascinating heritage sites including the Arbel Fortress and the impressive cave village complex, dating back thousands of years. The park features springs and numerous hiking trails, where you can get close to the true majesty of Arbel’s history and natural splendor.

Amud Stream Nature Reserve


The Amud Stream begins in the peaks of the Upper Galilee region and flows directly into the Kinneret. The nature reserve is known for its beautiful greenery including orchards and fruit trees (incl. apple, lemon, date, pomegranate, plum, olive, and fig). It’s even become known as a “miniature Garden of Eden”.

There are a variety of hiking trails which follow the 12km stream to the lake. These trails weave through areas of interest including an ancient flour mill, a wool mill, and a distinct natural stone pillar from which the stream gets its name.