Beautiful Hiking Trails in Israel

November 8th 2018

One of the best ways to explore the beautiful landscapes of Israel and sites of historical interest is by going on a hike. Hiking trails are numerous in Israel and are varied in length, duration, and difficulty. One moment you can be walking through a forest and the next exploring the ancient ruins of a fortress or temple. From the north to the south, there’s a hiking trail perfect for every age group and every interest.

Here are some of our favorite locations in which to don your walking boots, put on some sun cream, and explore the beauty of Israel up close.

Ein Gedi Hiking Paths

Located just next to the Dead Sea, the Ein Gedi National Park is one of the most popular hiking spots in Israel, and for good reason. Although surrounded by desert, Ein Gedi is an oasis of lush vegetarian, diverse wildlife, and cool streams. There are different trails for different abilities, including family-friendly walking routes which pass by a waterfall where you can rest and take a dip in the refreshing still pools.

Masada Snake Path

Not far from Ein Gedi is the Masada National Park. The main attraction of which is the ancient mountaintop Masada Fortress. Dating back from the first century BCE, the fortress was the scene of a heroic revolt and final stand against Roman occupation by a group of Jewish rebels. Today, this amazing site offers a fascinating glimpse into Jewish history and stunning views across the region. The fortress is accessible by cable car or via the famous Masada Snake Path which offers a strenuous but rewarding hike up to the summit.

Mount Carmel

Situated just south of Haifa, in northern Israel, Mount Carmel affords the visitor a variety of hiking routes through beautiful hilly terrain. With delightful views across the surrounding Coastal Plain and a wealth of flora and fauna, the Mount Carmel National Park and Nature Reserve is an ideal place to visit away from the hustle and bustle of Israel’s busy cities. The well-marked hiking trails, some of which are handicapped accessible, take you past sites of historical and cultural interest including the Cave of Elijah, the Ein Hod Artist Colony, and a Druze hospitality center.

Arbel National Park

Mount Arbel is another mountainous feature which provides fabulous views, this time across Israel’s Galilee region. It’s located near to the western shore of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). The Mount Arbel National Park contains six hiking routes, the shortest of which is an easy 30-minute stroll. The most difficult is an arduous 3-hour trek. As well as viewing an array of wildlife, you’ll come across fresh water springs, clusters of caves, and the ruins of a Talmudic-era village and its synagogue.

Timna Valley Park

If you love hiking in desert landscapes, then the Timna Valley Park is ideal. Located in the Negev Desert, approximately 25 kilometers north of Israel’s southern city of Eilat, the park features an arid and rocky landscape. Walking routes take you past a variety of desert vegetation, ancient rock carvings, fascinating rock formations, long-disused copper mines, Egyptian temple ruins, and the occasional sighting of gazelles and ibex. There’s also a manmade lake with fun activities for children together with restaurants and overnight camping facilities.