5 exciting tours to enjoy in Israel’s Golan Heights

June 25th 2018

Israel’s Golan Heights is a beautiful mountainous region in the far north of the country. It offers visitors numerous exciting tours to enjoy, ranging from off-road jeep rides and horse trekking to wine and fruit production tours. The region is significant in so many ways and has a long history, rich cultural tapestry, and agricultural importance.

The majority of Golan Heights tours will provide you with fascinating insights into the lives and realities of people who live and work in this spectacularly beautiful region of Israel.

Some of our favorite Golan tours include:

Golan Heights Jeeping

Jeep rides provide you with a great way to see parts of the Golan Heights inaccessible to tour buses and cars. There are a number of licensed jeep tours offering journeys along various different trails right across the region. Each one delivers a fun experience and deep insight into the nature and history of the Golan.

You’ll get to see the beauty of this famed region including panoramic views from Mount Bental as well as deer reserves, archeological sites, wooded trails, awe-inspiring canyons, summer streams with water flowing from Mount Hermon, and so much more.

Vered HaGalil Horse Ranch

Horseback riding tours are another excellent way to see the splendor of the Golan Heights close up. Vered HaGalil is a professional horse farm overlooking the Kinneret and offers visitors leisurely horse riding tours of the surrounding area. You can choose between a short one-hour tour or longer excursions that last half a day. There are also evening tours where you can ride under the stars.

The Vered HaGalil Horse Ranch is also a resort where you can stay a number of nights in beautiful cabins or suites. The resort offers visitors numerous spa treatments including reflexology and massages.

Golan Heights Winery Tour

The Golan is one of the most renowned wine making regions in the world. Wineries in this region export bottles to countries worldwide. One of the most well-known wine makers in this area is the Golan Heights Winery, exporting wine under labels including Golan, Yarden and Gamla.

The famed winery offers visitors extensive tours of their wine making facilities, beautiful vineyards, and wine tasting rooms. These varied tours are ideal for both wine connoisseurs and those who appreciate the striking scenery of north-east Israel.

Beresheet Apple Farm Tour

Agriculture has always been a huge part of Israel’s story, both in ancient times and in the modern age. The Beresheet Apple Farm Tour provides a fascinating insight into the fruit industry in Israel, which has its heart in the Golan Heights.

Beresheet is the largest fruit packing house in Israel and allows visitors to see the journey of an apple or cherry from the orchard through to the market. You’ll view cutting-edge technology employed in the preservation, selection, and packing of fruits. And at the end of the tour you can sit back and relax in a beautiful picnic area whilst enjoying some delicious Golan produce.

De Karina Chocolate Factory Tour

If you thought wine and fruit were the pinnacle of Golan production, then feast your eyes on the De Karina Chocolate Factory. It’s a heaven for chocoholics and is considered one of the best gourmet chocolatiers in Israel.

Visitors to the chocolate factory are guided through the history and culture of the chocolate-making industry in the country. You get to see the chocolates being made by hand, sample each variety, and also take part in a 40-minute chocolate-making workshop. All the delicious chocolates are available for purchase.