Golan Heights Winery Tour

June 20th 2014

As recently as the mid-1990s, there were just seven wineries in Israel. Today, the nation boasts nearly 300 wineries. Every winery has its distinctive qualities, but the Golan Heights Winery is one of the most well-known, exporting its celebrated bottles to over 25 different countries.

If you’re only going to visit one winery on your trip to Israel, the effort that the management at the Golan Heights Winery puts into taking care of their visitors is a good reason to make sure the Golan Heights Winery appears on your travel itinerary. They have one of the most comprehensive visitors’ centers and hands-down the most varied touring options of any winery in Israel.

The Golan Heights Winery offers four standard tour options, ranging from one to four hours in length. Want to learn about the process of producing wine, visit the oak barrel cellar where wines are aged and enjoy a wine tasting? The one-hour-long “Classic Visit” is your best bet. If you’re a bit of a wine connoisseur and would enjoy a more extensive tasting session with a greater variety of wine options, allow two hours for the fuller “Professional Wine Tasting Visit.”

Another option is the Golan Heights Winery’s “Premium Visit,” which pairs a gourmet meal with a tasting of the very best wines that the Golan Heights Winery produces. The two-hour-long “Premium Visit” takes place in the VIP room or in the wine cellar itself. The dramatic wine cellar is also available for private events.

To get the absolute, most novel winery experience, though, go for the four-hour-long “Vineyard Tour.” You’ll board an all-terrain vehicle and be escorted through the vineyards where the Golan Heights Winery grows its grape varieties. At the end of the tour, you’ll better understand what qualities make the Golan Heights region so ideal for wine making. And, of course, a specially selected array of wines will be available for tasting.

Each of these tour options is available in an array of languages, including English, Hebrew, Russian, German, French, Spanish and Swedish. Remember to allow extra time for browsing in the winery’s on-premises Wine Shop, which also sells wine accessories and souvenirs.

The Golan Heights has been called Israel’s wine country. Even if you’re not much of a wine connoisseur, you’ll certainly enjoy the striking scenery and the pastoral atmosphere that surrounds the Golan Heights Winery.