Golan Heights Jeeping

December 20th 2014

A jeep ride is an ideal way to really get up close and personal with the luscious green hills of the Golan Heights while touring the north of Israel. There are a number of licensed jeep tours offering different vehicles and different trails. What they have in common is great adventure and an opportunity to see parts of Israel that you can’t access by foot.

From a jeep, an open-air dune buggy or 4-seat off-road utility Tomcar, you’ll get up close to the terrain. Depending on the time of year, keep an eye out for bright and blooming fields of flowers and grazing animals.

Golan Heights Jeeps - Ready to Go!Whatever vehicle you choose, you can go places on a jeep tour that will excite the nature lover in you. A jeep tour can take you to hidden corners of the Golan that tour buses cannot. You’ll drive through shallow water, onto sandy beaches, up hills and into deep valleys. You’ll be able to get close to archeological sites and marvel at spectacular views. If you choose a night tour, you’ll see a whole different side of the Golan, including a spectacular sunset from inside or outside your jeep. Nights can be cool all year long in the Golan, so if you’re taking a night tour, be sure to pack a warm layer.

Jeeping in the Golan with an expert tour guide and driver will enhance the experience, letting you know when it’s worthwhile to take a break from sitting in the jeep to see something special. The Golan is packed with delights that can be appreciated from these vehicles, ranging from the panoramic peak of Mount Bental to deer reserves, wooded trails, cherry trees in full bloom, summer streams that are filled with melted snow from Mount Hermon, awe-inspiring canyons, nature reserves, Druze villages and more.

It’s a great activity for the family to do together. Since jeeps seat up to seven people, everyone can enjoy the same experience. Seatbelts are a must since the thrill of jeep rides means feeling the bumps in the road, which can be quite intense. It’s best to leave the babies on solid ground with a responsible adult.